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Millennium Run for Women’s Health

September 9, 2011

Here is another event that I missed to attend because of conflict in my work schedule. The Millennium Run for Women’s Health was launched yesterday at Sweet Bella (oh yeah, even the name of the resto blends with the theme).

I am glad that I got the press release in my mailbox today. The fun run aims to create awareness on women’s health issues like pregnancy, breast cancer and cervical cancer. It is not a surprise that the death rate is quite high in the Philippines compared to other countries which receive strong support from the government. In this light, the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society is raising awareness on women’s reproductive health issues through an advocacy run which will be held on November 6th.

The fund would then be used to train midwives to manage pregnancy concerns and to refer women to appropriate centers and professionals if necessary. I hope that this will also address the issues on pregnancy and overpopulation. It is not a surprise that alot of Filipinas, especially those in the provinces, neglect their bodies, and only consult doctors just when things are already worse.

I wish to take part on this advocacy run (I hope my schedule permits). I had been wanting to train, get physical and stretch my body. Although I check my breasts monthly and had gotten cervical cancer shots, I try to take measures in keeping myself healthy because there are still a lot I want to do with my life (like visit places and more countries!)

If you want to take part on this campaign, please coordinate with the contact numbers specified in the image above.

I know you wouldn’t allow Filipinas to get behind. Are you running?

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