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On Giving Feedback and Answering Surveys

September 2, 2011

I just had a one-on-one session with my second line manager (meaning the boss of my boss) yesterday and I always look forward to this type of session. Maybe because, in our team, we are all comfortable with each other, but we know when to draw the line and get back to business. At some point in my career, I also felt nervous whenever my former boss would call me for a meeting – as if I did something wrong or with worry that he found out I had a crush on the “bigger” boss. Anyway, the purpose of the meeting I had yesterday was to give feedback on my performance, and to guide me on what my plans are for my career. The one hour meeting was fruitful and enlightening on my part. But the most important thing is that I was also given a chance to give feedback to the management and leadership team.

I can’t find two pretty ladies in a meeting.. So I am using this. My boss’ boss is one pretty lady!  

I would not disclose whatever it is that I and the boss had discussed, that is something internal. But what I want to share is that giving feedback is always beneficial in for both the giver and receiver-  be it negative or positive. I am the type of person who loves to give feedback and suggestions. Yes, I take time to answer survey slips in malls, and restaurants. I do give commendations to the servers or sales person who had given exceptional service, and yes I talk to the manager or area manager or whatever position is higher than the manager if I have complaints about service or goods – not to put anyone in the spotlight, but to help them improve their service and goods, and most importantly their management system.

I also love answering online surveys, and I do click on Contact Us button if I need to address an issue to a company. I tried not to post my complaints in the companies/brands’ Facebook Fanpage because as much as possible, I don’t want other followers or consumers to know about my complaints – but if I don’t have any choice or means – yes I do post it and publish.

Now, regarding my feedback about our management team – they are mostly good feedback.

Do you also love to give feedback or answer surveys? What are the recent comments or suggestions you have sent?

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