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Orange Magazine TV [re]Launched!

September 28, 2011

I am changing my font color to Orange, to celebrate with Orange Magazine TV‘s relaunching held last Saturday at Gweilo’s Bar in SM Mall of Asia.

Orange Magazine TV is one of the hippest sites in the cyberspace today. It always has fresh contents from music features and artists interviews, movie reviews, and events coverage. For several years, Jeman, the man behind the Orange Magazine site was doing all the work. The first time I met the guy, I was surprised, because I had been reading the site even before I started attending events. I’ve seen how the man works during events. He takes pictures, (and I mean great pictures), captures the most priceless moments during events, and records videos to share with his followers – bringing them an exclusive peak on what has happened during the event. Never mind if he is the last person to eat, he is there to do the job.

The site is definitely growing and it needs more than one man to bring the juiciest orange news in town. Thanks to Mhel of Certified Foodies who joined forces with Jeman. She’s armed with a degree of Computer Engineering and is a proud owner of internet cafe shop (that makes her knowledgeable about wires and pcs! Hehe). She even has several blogs up on her sleeve – she is the perfect girl to maintain the technical side of the site. 

I am not surprised why more and more Facebook users and netizens are liking the Orange Magazine TV site, and more and more clients are shaking hands with the Orange Team. Please read the touching testimonial from Jayce Perlas, of Perlas and Luna PR Group.

“Jeman is very supportive of products and campaings. He’s not just a blogger or PR person, but a friend. Magaan siyang katrabaho. Good luck to Orange Magazine TV!”

Jayce is one of the pillars of Perlas and Luna PR Group. This group always comes up with nice activities during events and campaigns. He’s a little shy to have his video taken, and so is Sir JR Rosquillo, Marketing Specialist of Global Noble International Corp, who is nice enough to write this message in this cheap index card I just grabbed that night.

I meant to ask more messages but I wasn’t very prepared that night. I only had an hour of sleep, but I know I had to be there to support and celebrate. I just cannot say NO to the people who matter to me. The bloggers were even more shy to have their videos taken.

I am sure more and more people would want to show their love and support to the Orange Magazine TV team – it is evident by the number of prizes raffled off that night. There were goodies for fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers and mommy bloggers!

Jeman was all smiles getting more goodies to give away!

I was expecting a projector that would show a timer/countdown before the new Orange Magazine TV goes live on cyberspace – like a time bomb that would explode in our very eyes. But the event started with a quick thank you speech from Jeman (who happened to be celebrating his birthday that day), and then came the contests and raffle.

There you go!

Imagine I won in the raffle and contest twice!

Yes, I am subscribed to the Orange Magazine TV newsletter, I read the site and when I say I love their featured artist, I really mean it. You see, I won this CD (Champ Lui-Pio) and Limited Edition Andrea Corr CD. Yihaaa!!!

Contest Challenge: Give 3 songs by The Corrs. It is no-brainer. Their albums are on my playlist! 
Contest Question: Which artist was on the Orange Magazine TV last month? Champ, Gloc-9 and Noel Cabangon!  

The event highlight was not the raffle, but the amazing fireworks display which was strategically seen outside the Gweilo’s Bar. Bloggers being bloggers won’t miss this – everyone went outside to take a pic!

As if it was our first time to see fireworks!
Not the best shot..

When we came back, we found Rai holding and calming this cute dog who stole the moment/spotlight. It got scared from all the lights and sounds and ran inside the bar.

I cannot tell if Jeman was jealous of the attention this cute pup was getting from all of us 😉

We wanted to keep it, but we are good souls. We reported it to the security and a few minutes, it is back to the owner’s arms. Reunited. There’s a touch of melodrama. Aaawww… (sorry the picture I had taken is a bit blurry, and I am not sure if the owner would want to have his pic published).

Then, it was time to turn the party switch on.

The alcohol  – thanks to Benmore and GSM Blue – were opened and mixed (GSM Blue plus Dole Pine-Orange, and Benmore plus Iced Tea). The lights were switched off and everyone went crazy, drinking and toasting, cheering for every known sponsors that night. Special mention to Benmore and GSM Blue!

Then of course, an event is not an event without a photobooth: 

Thanks to Click in the Box!
Cute keychain! Love the Orange Logo!
Thanks for the keychain!

Like in every event, let’s not forget to mention the freebies and prizes. I took home not just memories but also these goodies:

I got CDs (Champ and Andrea Corr!), box of truffles from Certified Foodies, keychain, and pouch from Mango! Love the print and material! 

Love the photos too! Love the lay-out! It looks as if we were cover girls/guys of the Orange Magazine TV! 

Love my CDs! and It was nice catching up with an old College Friend!

 A College Friend and I tried it out. It was nice to see old faces with new friends. Please catch my friend on-air at iFM. He also hosts events and gigs!

Yummy truffles from Certified Foodies as prepared by Ken! Yum!
I loooove this pouch from MNG!
It is made in Green! Environment Friendly!

Been wanting to buy a wallet which I can use when I travel to separate bills and currencies. I want it not too bulky which can also hold my cards! This one solves the problem! 

You see..

I kept on saying it was indeed Kumikitang Kabuhayan everytime I would go infront to take my prize! “Thank you Kuya Willie!” is all I can say to the Orange Team! They beat the Willing Willie show with the number of prizes and goodies they gave away! Thanks to all the sponsors and supporters!

Thanks to Orange Magazine TV and congratulations to the new site! More power! I’ll see you guys around!

See more of events pictures here

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