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Planning Your Fairy Tales

September 1, 2011

I just found out a [blogger] friend just got married (congrats and best wishes!) – and I saw from a Facebook feed that another blogger is getting married SOON. I am not surprised with how fast people can simply update their relationship status from Single to In a Relationship [with] to Engaged then Married. Facebook recently made changes in the site, and I just hope developers would not add Divorced or Legally Separated in the relationship status.

Don’t we just love fairy tales and love stories? I sometimes find myself in tears when witnessing wedding rites. It may sound a clique but it is really amazing how one person can find someone who he/she would share the rest of his/her life with. But wedding scares me. I am just not ready to wake up each morning with the same man beside me. Not that I sleep with different men every night. People might even find it weird that I haven’t even thought of what my wedding would be. You know how little girls would think about princes, and weddings and fairy tales? Well, when I was younger, I was thinking and dreaming of something else (and that “dream” only me and my favorite guy know about :p). The very first idea that I had squeezed from my brain when I thought of my own wedding – I would wear a black gown. My mom got surprised when I told her that – until years passed and welcome this year – my crazy idea has become a common thing. Thanks to fashion and fashion-forward celebrities.

Little by little ideas just popped in my head whether or not I am thinking about my own wedding. But I would rather not share them here because the last time I shared an idea about how I would want a certain aspect of my “supposedly” wedding be executed – my friend shared it and suggested it to her sister’s wedding. So I would just keep whatever it is in my mind and just share it to the wedding planner just when I am ready to say “I do”.

Brides and soon-to-be-wives are lucky that there are ample information online on what to do and how to do weddings. I don’t even want to mention the countless Bridal Expo scheduled in malls and hotels – and I know a friend who has attended all known Bridal Expos in town before her wedding – and she is now currently active in organizing wedding and events together with the other brides she met in an online forum. Searching for wedding supplies need not be a hassle too. The whole bride and groom’s clan need not go to wet market, department store or bake shops to order cakes, give-aways or maybe even a dancer for the bridal shower. 😉

What are your unique ideas about weddings?

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