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Religioso Collection by Ensembles – Women Would Love It – Religious or Not

September 16, 2011

Religion has been a favorite topic for the week after the results of the Ms. Universe 2011 was announced. I wonder if the topic has trended in Twitter, but I see a lot of posts and comments in my Facebook news feed. Now, there is a bigger reason to talk about religion or should I say, Religioso.

Religioso is the newest collection of Ensembles featuring the designer sisters Yvette Religioso-Ilagan and Choc Religioso-Dayrit. The two recently celebrated their 4th year anniversary in the fashion design industry.  They started by doing weddings in 2005 and later on started their own clothing brand and finally opened its flagship store in 2006.   Religioso, their main women’s line, embodies the stylish empowered woman of the new millennium, inspired by the genteel well-dressed women of the past.  This makes Ensembles and Religioso a perfect tandem: FEMALE, FLATTERING, EMPOWERING and TIMELESS.

The collection aims to present an empowered women of today inspired by the well-dressed women of the past

I’ll give you a sneak peak of the collection below.



I really love this skirt! =)

Don’t you love them all? The ones with smileys are my faves!

We follow dress code in the office, and it is nice to see decent yet fashionable pieces. Ensembles never fails to impress me.

I am sure it would be loved by women – religious or not.

About the Designers

Choc Religioso-Dayrit
Choc studied fashion design at the Philippine International School of Fashion at La Salle College. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from University of Santo Tomas in Manila. Choc collaborates with her sister, Yvette in designing pieces for Religioso.

Yvette Religioso-Ilagan
Yvette finished a management degree at De La Salle University, and took some interior design courses at Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID). She and her husband Marty love travel, arts and architecture. The company gives them the perks of being creative, as well as the challenges of managing a business. Yvette is also the President of a successful salon, Studio 546.

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