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Drink Enercal Plus After the Wake Up Call!

October 23, 2011

How many hours of sleep do you get everyday? I usually have 4 hours and I thought that was enough. To think that I work at night, and my bedtime is just when the sun is up. Last night was rather a better sleep. It was nicer to sleep at night but I cannot have that luxury (only weekends) because I have work to do and deadlines to meet. I take a lot of caffeine, and I eat alot of junk especially when I am stressed out. I don’t even have exercise. The only exercise I know is walking and climbing up, and going down stairs. I wonder what age would I die? There are even times that I would attend events before I report to work, then attend another event after signing out in the office. I thought what I was doing was fine. I am young, I don’t get sick and I still managed to do the things that I need to do although I know that my health is being compromised.

Oftentimes, I feel envious of people who play alot of roles in their lives. Take for example, Paolo Bediones. From a reality show host he turned into a broadcast journalist. He hosts a documentary show, runs a business, plays with his band and supervises his soccer team (and he’s also a volunteer). I wonder how he manages to do everything.

The same with Angel Aquino. She is an actress, and lifestyle show host. She manages to squeeze in shooting for indie films and commercials. Most of all, she is a full-time mom. That role I am not yet ready to take.

Now, who wants to live a life of a rockstar? I do. It’s all fun, that’s what I thought. But Jett Pangan (a rock icon – front man and guitarist of the The Dawn) has been living this life for 25 years. It was crazy playing infront of the crowd, and banging your head with nicotine and alcohol as part of your “workplace”. Jett even started doing acting chops in musical theater and hosting for MYX Live.

How do they get all that energy? I felt that I have superheroes infront of me, including Boom Gonzales who was the host of the event entitled The Wake Up Call held last October 13th in the Loft Manansala, in Rockwell.

We had a little lecture from Dr. Oyie Balburias. He is Medical City’s Medical Director and Unit Head of Center for Wellness and Aesthetics, and the Head of the Emergency Department. He is a “celebrity doctor” (if we have celebrity chefs, we have celebrity doctors too!), hosting Pinoy MD aired in GMA 7.

He discussed the danger of not getting enough sleep, eating unhealthy food and taking too much of everything – from nicotine, sugar and salt. The event was enlightening. Now, I try to get at least 6 hours of sleep a day.

In line with this, Wyeth, the country’s leader in nutrition, introduces a new adult nutritional supplement called Enercal Plus.

A glass of Enercal Plus contains Nutri-Life Plus, a complete source of essential nutrients found in balanced meal plus additional benefits for a healthy heart, bone and muscle strength and immunity.

It contains antioxidant such as Vitamin A, C and E as well as zinc and beta carotene to combat oxidative damage. It has 29 essential nutrients to support the individual’s ability to handle his daily mental and physical demands and activities.

It has why protein that is easily absorbed to provide quicker muscle repair. It does not contain transfat and its cholesterol content meets the criteria by the American Heart Association.

Sounds like a good drink? Yes, it is. I don’t really drink milk but its taste reminds me of  breakfast drink so I am drinking this everyday.

See more of event pics here.

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