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Human (Heart) Nature Asks Us to Read the Label: Read the Label App Launch

October 16, 2011

It is not just Steve Jobs and IBM who changed the world, but Human Nature too – and Human Nature is continuously working hard to change the lives not only of the consumers, but also its workers and beneficiaries. Imagine how many switchers are now using Human Nature products not just to stay healthy and safe, but also to help the environment and support the advocacy?

With the information easily accessed literally with a finger tip and swipe, there are alot of us which are not aware of the harmful effects of the chemicals in the products that we are using. It is true that the word Natural is overused, and you see them pasted and printed in every product in different sizes and packaging. But how many are aware about the harmful chemicals in the toothpaste that we use, the shampoo, conditioner, eye liner, lipstick, lipgloss, make-up and even hand sanitizers that we use to keep us clean?

Thank God for Human Nature. We can assure that we we put in our skin are safe. I have this coworker who is a fan of Human Nature and all organic products. Even her dishwashing soap is organic, and yes, she loves Human Nature too much! But now, Human Nature is not just asking us to switch, but to Read the Label too.

My sister and my niece are fanatics of these items. I think I also need to switch!


Everything we need, Human Nature has it!

I super looove the Hand Sanitizer!

I need make-up tutorial!

During the launch of the Human Nature Read the Label Application held last Friday in 7th High, a video was shown to us that makes me think and think harder about the items I use everyday. It is sad but true, companies no longer care about the chemicals they use on their products just to meet their needs and earn profit. A shampoo may give us beautiful shiny hair, but in a long run, would give us cancer.

In this light, Human Nature introduces an app which is called Read the Label (downloadable from Apple and Android markets). Its goal is to educate consumers about which beauty product ingredients are safe and which may be risky for their health. The app arms consumers with a handy guide to cosmetics and personal care ingredients which they can refer to while shopping. Content for the app’s dictionary is reprinted with permission from EWG ( and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (, two of the largest consumer safety groups in the USA.

The app is so easy to use, you just need to type the ingredient found in the item and it would show how safe or toxic each ingredient you search for may be (safe, low risk, medium risk, high risk), and gives you links to more information on the ingredient, courtesy of EWG’s cosmetic ingredient database (

That’s how the App looks like

An eye opener – are you sucker for items with Mineral Oil?

It is Medium Risk. Not safe at all.

“Mineral oil coasts skin like plastic and clogs pores slows down skin function and cell development and speeds up ageing” – the Human Nature research said

For the smokers. Check out the skull and bones!

This app is Free to download so go ahead and download now before doing the grocery/shopping. It’s not all education in this app but also FUN! An Eco Trip for 2 to El Nido, Palawan for 3 days/2 nights PLUS an Eco Party (eat-all-you-can organic buffet) for you and 100 of your friends is waiting for the grand prize winner. Aside from this, there are more than 1000 other prizes up for grabs such as an Eco Adventure Trip for 2 for 3days/2nights worth Php 45,000 to Caramoan, a year’s supply of Human Nature products, and special Human Nature gift packs! The promo runs until December 31, 2012.

Izza Calzado was there to support the launch. I saw Agot Isidro too!

I have already downloaded the app, have you? I am giving you an assignment to check all the chemicals in the products that you are using and search it in the Read the Label app. You would be surprised.

Thank you Human Nature! The event is such an eye-opener. I think I have to order alot of items because people might hoard when they discovered the harmful effects of chemicals in their products after using the Read the Label app.

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