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In the Company of Mommies and Single Ladies

October 4, 2011

This blog entry was drafted last September 26th offline. In my room. On my bed. While I was listening to good music.

I felt restless. I attended a site-slash-birthday party last Saturday, then yesterday (Sunday) was Friends Day. Lunch time was for former co-workers and night was for College friends. I have to thank my mom for being understanding of my crazy schedule. I no longer have curfews, but her biggest worry is me, not getting enough sleep.

Anyway, it was my friends’ (both parents are my friends) daughter’s first birthday party, and this party served like a mini-reunion for our batch. Having kid/s was like a passport during the party. Please include the stroller and baby carrier. I came alone but I wore shorts and cute tank top with Lola Bunny printed infront – to celebrate with kids and to take a break from the usual dresses I wear in the office. But the outfit didn’t conceal my fear of having a baby while I listen to my friends talk about sleeping patterns, diapers and nannies. I know I don’t want to have a baby yet (even if Derek Ramsey or my office crushie volunteers to donate his semen!) It is still a No. Or maybe Not Now. I don’t even know how to carry a baby! I tried carrying two infants (one at a time, of course), and I know it distorted my posture even more. I cannot deny that their bodies feel so warm and soft, and babies always smell fresh even without cologne. I had my pic taken carrying the babies – but I honestly prefer to have my pic taken carrying travel bags and shopping bags.

Trip to Jerusalem .. What I really wanted is a real trip to Jerusalem!

So after the magic show, photobooth session and goodbye’s from the kid’s party, it was time to meet up with an old friend and a Balikbayan friend (not very fond of naming my friends in my blog posts, I wanted to respect their privacy too). We agreed to meet up in Glorietta, but ended up meeting in Landmark (where they found me looking at and adoring some scarves – I am so loving scarves now!). Glorietta and Greenbelt surprised me. I felt that the malls had lost their glamour and glory days – they now serve us bridgeway to people riding MRT and going to Ayala and Makati Business District.

Glam and glitzy – Resorts World

It was time to head to Resorts World (where we also played the Casino. My first time!). It’s too far from my place but I got used to going there since it has become the favorite venue for events and launches. I took the chance to finally get my Resorts World Card — (the card gives you alot of benefits, see here). The one which I submitted online was processed, and I just presented my ID to claim it (they took a picture of me first, which was somewhat yellowish in the card). If you want to apply for membership, you can just approach one of the friendly ladies in the lobby area (if they didn’t approach you – because most of the time they do approach visitors). Application took around 20 to 30 minutes, from filling out the form to signing the card for release. Just make sure you bring a valid ID issued in the Philippines. My friend was only given a temporary card. She only had her company ID which is not issued in the Philippines.

We originally wanted to watch a movie, but we thought that it would be better to spend the two-hours bonding, than focus on the big screen and totally miss out on catching up with each other’s lives. The funny thing about meeting up with old friends is that you guys only talk and laugh about the past, talk a little about what is happening in your lives now, then wish things were like they were before. And we talked all about these things in Johnny Chow – the restaurant I’ve been wanting to try because of its nice chic chairs! Shallow?! I know. But read on my restaurant review on my next post..

My point before I head to doing the restaurant review, it doesn’t matter if you are with a company of married friends, or mommy friends (or mommy bloggers), or single hot ladies or single moms, if you are really friends with them, every minute is fun and engaging. They will respect you and your choices, plus they will let you enjoy what you have.

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