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Inches Off Supports the Hunt for the Best Fashion Designer in Fashion Face Off 2011

October 4, 2011

I honestly need to lose weight, work out and stay healthy. I can already feel the bulge in my tummy. I can no longer fit into my pants and bodycon dresses no longer complements me. I have another option though – totally slack off and just wear Inches Off to fake a good figure.

Inches Off is a shape wear brand that offers nothing but the best in design, technology, fabric, comfort, and price. Inches Off uses optimum firm compression technology to create that instantly slimmer and smoother silhouette even under tight dresses and jeans. The seamless designs also make Inches Off virtually invisible when worn under any garment. They also use high quality breathable fabrics that allow optimal comfort for whole-day fashion support no matter how high the sun is up. It’s an instant and easy solution to give you that lift and tuck that makes you feel put together and ready to take on just about anything fashions throws at you. It’s your secret fashion arsenal perfect for any daily fashion setting you may find yourself in.

With Inches Off’s commitment to top class quality and design, it also supports HYD Fashion Face-Off
in its quest to look for the best young fashion designer that may usher in a new breed of creative and
fashion forward designs in the world of Philippine and even International fashion.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the HYD Fashion Face-Off

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