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LG 3D Digital Night: Playing Games 3D-Style

October 10, 2011

I cannot remember the last time I played a video game inwhich I got so competitive. I think it was in the 90s, and I was still in grade school. I played and finished all the known games for Family Computer – but I never moved forward to GameBoy, or Playstation or Xbox.  I find it funny that I found joy in playing Angry Birds, and Fruit Slice and Ninjump. So when I got an invite from LG Home Entertainment Group for an LG 3D Night with bloggers and media friends, I got excited and nervous because I know it is going to be a competitive gaming night.

So for only one night, we competed in unique and interactive experiences, to determine how well we knew  3D technology, while showcasing our gaming skills through gaming consoles. It smells like Algebra for me. 

Before the games started, we were given LG Cinema 3D Glasses! Cool! This way we would get to enjoy the whole experience of watching the videos and playing the games.

All of us were wearing 3D Glasses! How cute!

We were grouped into two. I was assigned to Pink/Red group. The first game was Movie Geek Game. We wanted someone who is a movie reviewer to be a scribbler, but he backed out, so I volunteered thinking I can write legibly under pressure. But it was a wrong move. What do I know about movies? music and videos? Yay.

Lahat Gwapo

Laging Gutom

In this game, they tested our knowledge on specific movies using the LG Cinema 3D TV and the HX906 3D Blu-Ray Home Theatre System. We experienced viewing high quality picture with great sound quality using the latest in 3D technology. The Cinema 3D TV is built with Film Pattern Retarder (FPR) technology, a feature that produces vivid and flicker-free 3D images with virtually no eye strain. The battery-free glasses also appealed to guests, not having to worry about recharging the glasses in between trailers. The Cinema 3D TV’s flexible viewing angle also provided superb viewing quality for the whole gang. 

I tried moving side ways. Checking if there is a difference in the view. But everything is just the same. No matter if I look at the TV in side ways.

Going back to the game. We lost it. Come the next game, the RiverRush Adventure Game allowed us to play the Xbox 360 & Kinect with the Cinema 3D TV.  With the Cinema 3D TV, guests experienced premium quality gaming as 2D games were immediately converted to lifelike 3D images. 

I tried this game before the program started. It was fun but it was soo hard to control the moves. I am better off playing with a remote control. Hehe. My friend saw some of pictures posted by the bloggers and she told me I looked too girly while playing. Err.. I would do better next time. I even wore flats that night thinking it would be a physical game. But since I got a little challenge over that game, I am now thinking of buying Kinect and of course, the LG 3D Cinema TV.

The next game is the ‘3D GT Racing Challenge’. Contestants raced against each other using LG’s Optimus 3D phones. The Optimus 3D – the world’s first full 3D smartphone with tri-dual technology – was connected to the Cinema 3D TV via HDMI wire allowing contestants to either view the race through the glasses-free Optimus 3D or through the Cinema 3D TV. The Optimus 3D’s dual core, dual channel, and dual memory composition ensures maximum processing power for 3D games like Nassau Racing.

During this time we were once again invited to the buffet table and beer were served too! Laging Gutom, the name we called our group was so behind the Lahat Gwapo (we were asked to come up with names using the L.G. letters).

Unfortunately, I couldn’t drink alcohol that night because I still needed to run to work. So I just downed myself with water and took these shots.

We were hoping to win the last game which would make a tie with the other team. “How Smart is your 3D TV” Quiz Bee tested our knowledge with the latest developments in 3D technology. Questions were flashed on the Cinema 3D TV and asked about the benefits and features of the new LG 3D TV – the world’s first flicker-free 3D TV certified by European quality assurance agencies TÜV and Intertek. 

On display in the venue is a traditional 3D TV so we could compare the viewing experience with the LG Cinema 3D TV.

We won the quiz bee! But a tie-breaker activity was to talk about the 5 benefits of the new LG Cinema Smart 3D TV:

1. First Certified Flicker Free TV
2. Comfortable 3D Glasses – it doesn’t need charging too!
3. Flexible Viewing Angle 
4. Certified Full HD 3D 
5. 2D to 3D Conversion – you can instantly convert 2D TV content to realistic TV.

Unfortunately, we lost. Lahat Gwapo has someone from a tech review site/magazine who discussed and presented. Just the same, we all enjoyed the night!

A tech event is not complete without a raffle. A brand-new LG Optimus 3G Phone, LG Monitor and LG Cinema 3G TV were given away. I was not very lucky that night, but still congrats to the winners.

Congratulations Winners!

Here are some pictures of bloggers enjoying the games:

Thank you LG Group for the invite and for the fun event!

See more of events pictures here.

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