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A Nude Picture with Boudoir Dolls

October 6, 2011

I just looked at my body infront of the mirror – and I don’t like what I see. It’s been a while since I looked at myself infront of the mirror – and I mean, look at my naked body. Too bad, the only person who (I think) really appreciates my body has been away – this person who adores me and makes me feel like a goddess is miles away – and my worry is – what if he will no longer like what he would see in me?

Photo by  zisis1981
Have you also looked at your old pictures and wish you were as thinner/sexier/leaner as what you are seeing in the pictures? But going back to those days when those pictures were taken, you used to rant at how big/fat/chubby you felt then. I am feeling the same thing, but I just chose not to look at my old pictures (yeah.. especially the ones taken at the beach!).
Whenever I would complain at how fat/chubby/unhealthy I feel, my friends would react violently and I know they wanted to grab a knife and stab me. When I say “I feel fat”, I mean to compare myself with my old self, and not with anyone. Comparing myself with others has never been my hobby. I just always compete with myself. So forgive me my dear friends if you would hear the same line from me again. That is just my way of motivating myself to work-out (but I just cannot start!).
So what have I seen in my naked body? Curves – although they are still in the right places, there are budges that should not be there. I saw budges that equate to all my food adventures. The food, whatever it is – desserts, pasta, dimsums, etc – will always be delicious, but the traces it would leave in your body – it would make you look unappetizing. 
When I was 20, I thought of having my picture taken each year (sort of a glamour shot which is usually taken in studios – yeah, I know Great Image, and Tronixx, and does anyone remember NeoPrint?!) just so I would have a souvenir of how I look. I had two pictures, but lost them due to an unfortunate event. Then I got busy with work, and I didn’t feel too pretty because I was busy making money, building my career and making a man happy.
I know I am a camwhore. My friends say so. I love having my pictures taken. Thanks to digital cameras for that.
So now I thought I should really have my picture taken – in an artistic way. I got tons of pictures worthy of being my Profile Pic (shoot me!), but I want something taken by professionals. I always get a violent reaction when I say I want a nude photo of myself.
I just want to have something to look at when I am already in my rocking chair sipping tea (and probably still blogging). I once had my picture taken with only a guitar covering my body.. we just did it for fun, and it was not the most glamorous picture of myself .Thank you to alcohol. (now, I cannot remember where is that pic now.. yay!).  
For so many years, I am thinking of having my picture taken in a studio BUT my biggest worry is who would be the photographer? How can I simply pose without exposing myself too much? and what they would do with the copies of the pictures?
Until I saw this concept wherein brides-to-be can have a photoshoot as a sort of remembrance of their singlehood (before they get pregnant and gain tons of weight!). Thank you to Boudoir Dolls. The team is composed of all women photographers. They even do non-brides. So I thought… hmmm… I don’t need an engagement ring to have my picture taken.. 
Session with brides maid – then print a photobook!
Interesting enough, Boudoir Dolls even has sessions for pregnant women! This I will do, not in the near future though.
Even “plumps” can pose and totally enjoy their bodies..
Danah of Plumpinay
My friend complained that the picture was not even edited. I told her that is the beauty of the picture.. highlighting the natural beauty of one’s body. I like it. 
I am thinking of booking a session with Boudoir Dolls. Soon (I have to get back in shape – and feel that I am at my best). I am not sure if all the women that they had photographed get featured in the site. I hope not. Although I love the fact that their pictures are not screaming “SEX! SEX! SEX!”, I want that part of me to be shared only with the person who would look at me as I undress infront of boudoir. 

Studio address : Imagine Nation Photography 17Q G. Araneta Ave. Quezon City
Tel No : 713-7189

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