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Uncategorized Online Shopping Site that Accepts Credit Card

October 17, 2011

I really hate going to the banks and doing transactions there. The reason I do online banking is to save me time – I do fund transfer online, pay my bills and even load my mobile. But I got no choice this morning but to go to the bank, fall inline for 30 minutes and just get tired standing up while I check each and every person in the bank to ensure they are not bank robbers. I paid an item I bought online, and this seller does not accept Paypal payments. So the only option is to go to the bank. One single transaction while the people ahead of me were doing payroll deposits and change fund requests. I had to deposit the payment or else I would be reported to the site admin for non-payment of the item.

I wish the seller, or should I say the online store/site accepts credit card payments so my life would be alot easier. Looks like fairy godmother gives us to make our online shopping experience alot smoother.

I browsed through the stores and I like that the shops can design their own store and even customize the link.

Look there’s a Vibram store!

As a buyer, I like this concept which makes me more confident in buying from the store. It gives an experience of buying from the official store site. As a seller (yes, I also sell stuff online), I love that it gives me the chance to customize my page to attract more buyers.

Whenever I am new in an online site, I always check the payment options, and yes allows customers to pay using credit card!

Disclaimer: I am not buying that Baby Pink Open Front Lingerie. I am just testing the site. But I might buy from them, especially that I found nice costumes from this store which I need for my friend’s birthday party this weekend.

What do you guys think of this sexy Racer Costume? I am still on hype over that City Kart Racing experience we had last Saturday.

Going back to, it is so easy to shop around this site because you can also browse the sellers/stores per category.
Or use the ever reliable, Search Function.
The option to pay through Credit Card is what really got me interested to I was able to talk to Patrick Gaerlan, Public Relations Specialist for on the Blogapalooza event, and he assured me that selling and not just buying through the site is secured. They usually ask for identification cards from sellers before they can open a store. It means that the site cares about the shoppers security too and not just making profit. 
I am thinking of buying that costume I have seen in the site so that I can cross out the task (To buy costume) in my to-do list. I would sure write another review once I had completed the transaction (and got my item).
Have you recently shopped in Share your experiences, shopaholics!

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