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November 29, 2011

Changing My Life and Others' Starts Today!

My chance to transform my life and other people's lives starts today. Remember my blog about the project/assignment I will be working on in the next six months, inwhich I will be working with different people from different countries? (Please read it here: I Will Be Representing the Philippines!!!) I will have a chance to meet them. Soon.

I am really glad to be part of my company who is not just focused on the business, earning profit or transforming the world through its innovative products, services and technologies, but more importantly, focuses on helping the communities - and in a way, developing responsible employees and citizens. The way, I am being developed and transformed right now, even before the project has started.

I am glad that I am not part of the statistics of employees who complain about their employers. I love my job - although it oftentimes requires me to extend work hours, collaborate with other teams (and I mean, teams from other geographies), study and learn new things and expect me to deliver more than what is expected of me, I am proud to be part of the team. Have I mention that even my boss and big bosses support my love for blogging? Yes they do, and they are proud of me too.  I may not be holding a top position (yet) in this organization, but my work, my position and my output have a big impact on the business.

I can say, my company takes care of me, or should I say our company takes care of its employees. It promotes work-life balance, there are so much opportunities to grow, there are thousands of learnings to take online and projects to participate in to be a better citizen.

So in this project that I am assigned to, I will do my best not just because I am representing our team, or the Philippines, or the surname next to my name, but because I want to make a difference to the people I will be meeting in my assignment in Indonesia next year. The people are the client, my team and the locals in the community who we will help and change lives - because at this early stage of planning, they are already changing my life.

I just pray to God that everything will run smoothly - just like everything is for His glory (I know this post is so serious, but that is how I am really feeling right now. It is still me, Ruth typing and blogging *wink*)
Are you changing someone's life today? Has someone changed the way you view things?