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Diana Stadler Opening with Diana Menezes

November 25, 2011

“Wala ng panget ngayon” – funny yet true. Especially if you are earning enough money to pay for beauty products and procedures. Whoever you are (celebrity or not), whatever you do for a living (models and stewardess are not the only ones expected to have good skin and presentable look), and wherever you are (South or North?!), you have license to look your best.

Last week, an established beauty center opens in Tutuban Mall, in Manila. I came from a morning event that day, and I originally thought of just swinging by to support a friend, but I found myself staying and enjoying the show.

Welcome to Diana Stadler! The skin-care business has been in the industry for 15 years. I know that is impressive. I haven’t personally tried their services and products but I will soon since the new clinic is just some cartwheels away from home.

To celebrate the anniversary, Diana Stadler conducted a mall tour with its endorsers Diana Meneses (Diana Stalder Face and Body Surgicenter endorser) and Pinoy Big Brother’s Tibo Jumalon (of Abs-Cbn’s Nasaan Ka Elisa?).

I found myself enjoying the show which was hosted by radio disc jockeys Diego Bandido of YesFM and Cheska San Diego of Radyo Natin. Games hosted by Iyaz Kamiaz and Tonton Tomato (also from Radio Natin FM). They are a bunch of funny folks!

The event was also graced by upcoming rap artist Blanktape – the duo even sang the Tagalog version of Teach Me How to Dougie! The first time I heard of it (my coworkers had been talking about it!) live!

Here’s Diana teaching the audience how to Shembot! I feel like an obese beside her! That sexy body is taken cared by (you guess it right) Diana Stadler.

This hubby “saved” the wife who cannot do the Shembot! The show was hilarious!
Fellow blogger Lance! Oh yes, Diana attached those balloons!

It was nice to spend lunch with Tibo and the rest of the gang. Tibo is such a humble guy, as he shares that he still cannot believe that he is endorsing a skin care line. He admits that he doesn’t have an assistant yet and does everything on his own. He is candid and talks with such cute accent.

Diana is such a fun girl! I love how fluent she talks in Filipino, even using usual Pinoy expressions. She is so accommodating and pleasant – true beauty really exudes from inside, agree?

About Diana Stadler:

Started in 1996 by Ms. Dina Stalder merried to a Swiss man Mr. Stalder. It aims to help thousands of fellow Filipinos in fulfilling their dreams by giving them jobs and power to create a product that we must be proud of. Products are exported to  United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Bangladesh, Korea and more. It also believes in  “high quality services and products” to everyone. Visit for more info.


DJ Cheska (her biggest fan, her little brother was there to watch and support her! How sweet!)
and DJ Diego (such a funny guy! He’s a natural!)

 Iyaz Kamiaz and Tonton Tomato 

Tibo Jumalon

See more of events pictures here.

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