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Great Buy of the Week: Nail Up Nail Polishes

November 20, 2011

You know how much I am loooving nail polishes and nail art.. I kind of feel naked without color in my nails. I soon realized it has become an expensive “vice”. Plus, it eats up too much of my time. Having my nails done for cleaning and art work would take around 1.5 hours. So imagine my joy when I discovered a kiosk which sells really nice nail polishes that is close to nail art masterpieces!

Love, love, love the board!

I discovered it three weeks ago. Saw the Kiosk in Robinson’s Place Manila (and saw one too in Trinoma). It is selling bottles and bottles of nail polishes. I got curious because I love nail art, and the famous cracked nails effect is on display.

Matt, Glittery, and Glossy

I once had a cracked nails nail art but only on the tip of my nails (see my post here), I am just curious with the instant cracked nails. BUT I got more and more curious and interested with the other types of nail polishes available.

My Cracked Nails Nail Art! 

There are those with glitters, matte and the famous cracked nails. I was lucky because it was the nephew of the Kiosk owner who was manning the store when I checked out the kiosk. He told me all products are from Korean, and famous celebrities buy from them – like Angel Locsion and, as he said.. Kris.. the President’s sister.

Like free-tasting for food in supermarkets, my nails got to taste the products. The glittery one – which uses a different unique technology that only this brand carries (as he said).

Silver Glittery Polishes

I am impressed with the matte nail polish too!

Free trial!

Whoa! This is after a few seconds!

But I just bought the cracked nails polish and glittery polishes. He said the color would stay and would not chip for two weeks if I will use the same brand for the top coating polish. I bought three bottles (the glittery blue, hot pink for first coating for cracked nails, and black cracked nails) – the total is equal to one nail art session. Good buys indeed! Nail polishes cost Php120 to Php200 (if I remember it right).

The store owner suggested this color – that’s my mom’s pinky!

Blue, Hot Pink and Cracked Nails! 
The nail file is not included, I just want to include in the pic ‘coz I thought it is cute!

Made in Korea

Since I can clean my own nails and can apply nail polishes in both hands with dexterity, I think I would be visiting the Nail Up Kiosk soon to buy more nail polishes so I have different nail color per week! For two weeks I had been wearing this nice blue nail polish – and eveyone loves it!

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What do you think? Have you bought anything from this Kiosk?

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