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I Missed the Chance of Meeting Christian Bautista!!!

November 17, 2011

Yes, (and oh no) I did. I can just look with envy at all the pictures of my blogger friends with Christian Bautista who went to the Bloggers’ Conference last Sunday. I missed it because I was nursing fever and colds. I would have wanted go to the venue despite chills and high temperature – If I pass out, I would make sure I would be next to Christian so he could catch me. Just kidding.

I may not be the best person to consult when it comes to music, but I do appreciate good artists and singers – Christian Baustista is one of them. If I would list down all his achievements as an artist, this blog entry would be totally text heavy. He starred in his first international film A Special Symphony. He is part of the first Pan-Asian musical TV series The Kitchen Musical. He is also the only recording artist to receive a 4x Platinum Record Award for Romance Revisited: The Love Songs Of Jose Mari Chan for 2011. He worked with Grammy-nominated pianist Jim Brickman, K-Pop R&B trio One Way, and fronted for the concerts of K-Pop sensations Rain and 2NE1.

I personally love the Romance Revisited: The Love Songs Of Jose Mari Chan album because I also appreciate Jose Mari Chan’s compositions (and not just his Christmas Songs – which I am hearing these days!). The songs make me fall inloved again, and again – they just give a happy and light vibe.

If I were an upcoming singer, I would be threatened with Christian Bautista. His first international album Outbound has been released. I wouldn’t be surprised if I see his picture holding awards for this album.

Being a good singer, and a good-looking singer I must say, you are expected to be paired with fairly good-looking ladies in your music videos. How lucky he is to be with Anne Curtis, Georgina Wilson, Solenn Heusaff, and Angel Locsin (in Beautiful Girl) to Cristine Reyes (in I Remember The Girl) to Paula Taylor (in Tell Me Your Name) to Carmen Soo (in Afraid for Love to Fade) to Angelica Panganiban (in Nakaraang Pasko) and Sarah Geronimo (in Please Be Careful With My Heart).

May I say, the girls are even luckier to be paired with an international artist like Christian Baustista? 😉

It’s indeed time to level up for Christian, as he is paired with Cosplay Queen, Alodia Gosiengfiao (oh, I love this pretty lass!)

Interesting how music and gaming personalities collaborate to produce such a nice video. Cute!

Anyway, since I missed the event and totally missed the chance of having the album signed by Christian, I have to rush to the store and get one for myself.

Outbound is out now in all major record bars nationwide under Universal Records.

Thank you to my friends in Orange Magazine TV for the invite and for the info included in this blog.

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