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Online Shopping: Successful Online Buy from!

November 4, 2011

I love browsing through new online sites because the experience is the same as window shopping in an actual physical store. The difference is that I see alot of unique items online, some are even cheaper as stores compete with other stores. The best part of the experience is clicking the Proceed to Check Out and Submit Order buttons – which I did some weeks ago in the new online bargain site called Brandsfever.

It is a members-only shopping club in the Philippines. It features alot of signature brands, and offers up to 70% off the regular price. I was browsing through the “campaigns” when the Vanca scarves caught my attention. The scarves were talking to me. I had to at least buy one. So I chose carefully the color and design, even consulted my coworker (yeah, I shopped at work!). 
I was thinking if I should buy two. But I just wanted to test the site and see if the transaction would be successful – meaning I get my order delivered at home. I know the item will not come from any warehouse in Manila, or country – hence the Php350 shipping fee, which is cheap. So anyway, I just decided to buy one scarf in hot pink and animal print design. I am so into animal print these days Hehe.
I used the points that I have from my referrals and I just paid for the Php350 through Paypal. Unfortunately, Brandsfever does not allow you to use your credits for payment for the shipping fee.
The FAQ says the item will be delivered within 10 days after the campaign ends. So I waited. I sent an inquiry to the support team after a few days and I was advised that the campaign just ended the same day I sent an inquiry. Turn-around time for response is one business day which is acceptable.
On October 31st, I got a note in my mailbox stating that my order has been shipped. I was thinking probably I would just get a claim card from the post office and (again) I would be charged Php35 for handling. My worry is the tax and customs charges. I read somewhere that customs office charged her more than the total amount she paid from the site. 
Anyway, I got a text on November 2nd from a courier asking for directions to our house. He said he has delivery from Singapore. I know it was not a package from my brother because we haven’t received any from him anyway. I was sure it was my order from Brandsfever because I tracked my order through the link in my account.
I was just glad the item was delivered at home! I got the package, and I didn’t pay for any fee.
I don’t want unexpected visitors at home so I put those black boxes/rectangles..

I love my new scarf!

I am addicted to shopping! I am now looking at the new campaigns. The goods are sold in minutes, so one has to decide ASAP.

Brandsfever always features kitchen stuff.

If you want to be a member and enjoy exclusive discounts, please sign up here:

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