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Tasting Figaro’s Offerings in Barrington Place Opening

November 22, 2011

It’s strange but it’s true – I love coffee but I can only count the number of times I went to Figaro for coffee. Probably less than ten. I am that inloved with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and I felt that my relationship with the brand should stay monogamous. Don’t get me wrong, I do try other coffee shops and coffee too, I am not that close-minded or blinded. When a chance to grace an important event in Figaro was offered, I said yes even if it means less hours of sleep for me.

Love this picture by Aylin Vedad! Looks like this is for marketing campaign!

The Figaro Barrington Place branch in Congressional Road, Quezon City opened last Thursday. I knew exactly the feeling of opening a new store. But what I missed most is the aroma of freshly brewed coffee that filled my lungs from my whole day of duty, and the fun of working on the other side of the bar.

I forgot to bring my camera with me that day, so I am borrowing some shots taken by Aylin Vedad of

Lovely interiors and details. Love that swirls in the ceiling!
Love mirrors!
What’s for eats? 

We were given play money to buy food – The store had a Dry Run that day.
Feels like a student counting my allowance for the day..  

Figaro also has a journal/planner for 2012!

I missed steaming milk, pulling the shots, and making the perfect cup of cappuccino!

I love that Figaro offers alot of choices for food – it serves rice meals (even set meals), pasta, pizza,
 pastries and breads.
For drinks I tried the White Chocolate Macademia. I have to ask if this is coffee-based, as alot of drinks have confusing names – you wouldn’t know which ones are coffee based, tea based, or fruit based.. So this one is non-coffee. It is good – not too sweet.

This is the bomb! I don’t know the exact name – but it is bread with grated cheese and ham on top. 
This is soo cheesy that I wouldn’t mind eating another plain bread with it. 

Pasta is okay too with generous serving. I didn’t like it much because I prefer the sour-spicy type sauce. 
I am not saying it is not good – probably it is cooked for Filipino palate. 

The pizza is also good. I should try the other flavor and food next time (and that next time, I will bring my camera).

Like an experiment, using a scientific method, – I therefore conclude that Figaro is one brand that we, Filipinos should be proud of. I admire the quality of products which can compete with other imported brands. Thanks again to the Figaro Team for introducing me to their products. Congratulations to the Figaro Barrington Place team! Special thanks to Aylin Vedad for the pictures.

Please like the Figaro Fan Page for more information about their products, store openings and contests.

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