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Watch America’s Next Top Model feat Michael Cinco, Bench Body and Georgina Wilson

November 13, 2011

I was sooo looking forward to weekend because I felt literally sick and tired. I had a long day last Friday, attending two events before going straight to work. I had to decline another event in the morning, and totally missed an evening event because my body was craving for rest.

So I slept the whole day last Saturday, a total of 15 hours. I just woke up in the morning to go to church while pretending to my mom that I am okay. But mom knows best, and she knows I am not well.  I have to feel better in the afternoon for another event, but I feel so dizzy, and sick in my head. I just watched the America’s Next Top Model All Stars show being aired in the local TV channel, while everyone was waiting for the Pacquaio-Marquez game. It was the episode before the much-awaited episode that will feature our very own Bench Body and Georgina Wilson.

From Bench Facebook Fanpage

Bed called me again. I slept for another 14 hours and now I am awake. I was thinking my weekend was wasted because I haven’t accomplished anything. But rest is all I needed. I cannot be sick and file a sick leave because I just have to be at work tonight.

Anyway, I don’t want to bore you with my stories, and before you think my colds and fever are contagious through this blog, let me just share with you this episode of America’s Next Top Model All Stars featuring Bench Body. It was shown last November 10th, and is scheduled to be shown in the Philippines today.

Please watch before I share my piece.

[SPOILER] I was quite disappointed with Georgina’s exposure. I was hoping that she (Georgina) would somehow be introduced. If not for one top model contestant refusing to do the shoot, I am afraid she wouldn’t get any exposure. She looks so simple yet pretty on the episode. I was hoping that she got more exposure. But I do looove the line she dropped like a bomb!

Regarding Bench Body, there is no denying that Bench has been making waves in  other countries. I felt that the way Bench Body was presented in the episode is as if Bench Body is already a fashion and retail institution. The way the logo was flashed a few times created an impact that it is a already a known brand and needs no further introduction (like Victoria Secret). See this picture taken in Beijing. Bench sharing limelight with other brands.

This ANTM episode is a celebration of Filipino talents. I am glad and proud for Michael Cinco! I love his reaction of models’ vision of their dream collection! Tehehe.. But coming up with designs in just minutes of talks and inspiration is just surprising and amazing.

What can you say about the episode?

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