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Augmented Reality Game in Facebook: Conzace Viral Smackdown!

December 24, 2011

I just found and played a very cool game in Facebook and I just have to blog about it! You know that I am not a gamer and the last time I played competitively for a video game was when I was in Grade School. Anyway, as everyone knows, and every Facebook user is aware, Facebook also hosts fun games and different brands also host games in their Fanpages and Apps as a sort of promotion.

I have played and joined a lot! From normal fast-finger games, Mafia War-like games to puzzle games. But my new discovery is very interactive! So interactive that it requires a camera! Yup. So I played (I gave my permission for this app to access my camera – I just hope they didn’t show it live somewhere while I played. Hehe) – and camera means using your hands (and maybe even feet)!

The goal is to kill those germs,  virus and microbes appearing in your screen. You can punch, kick and Kablam‘s those creatures. You must complete the 3rd level! It was fun. I was so serious at killing those red and green creatures (so Christmas-y!).

The game is (by the way) hosted in Conzace Facebook Fanpage. It is a multivitamin and the game is in line with its goal to fight off virus by being active (thus you need to play the game!). This type of gaming is called Augmented Reality Game. Interesting, yeah?

I scored badly on my first game. So I just decided not to tweet or share it in Facebook (yes, there is that option!).

You have to do good because there are alot who scored high and the top 10 get the chance to win surprise gifts from Concaze! Now that’s more for being healthy.

Some tips:

Level 1 – Swat the yellow microbes
Level 2 – Dodge the green germs
Level 3 – Kick the red virus

To play the game, please access:

Let me know what you think of the game – I am sure you will have fun too!

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