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Christmas Gift Suggestions/Wish List: Signature Bags from Reebonz

December 15, 2011

You know how much I loooove bags – stylish and unique ones. I don’t care about the brand, as long as I want it, I buy it. Last year, I got too addicted with bags that has Marilyn Monroe’s face on it. I even find myself checking online sites (even the ones abroad) just to lust over the bags.

The only thing that restricts me from buying the bags that catch my attention is that card dangling on the side and the figures printed on it – the price! And at this time that I only get a regular salary, I cannot afford yet the likes of Hermes and other signature bags.

But then again, maybe I can afford those bags – with the perfect timing and right decision – I can buy from Reebonz. Or maybe I can just make a wish list and wait for my loved ones to send me the gifts. Here are my wishes!

Fendi Borsa Chef Tabacco Nero Bag

 – because I am loving that print and cute bag fob!

Prada Nappa Gaufre’ Shopping Bag

 – I adore chain bags!

Andare Lontano Viaggiando ‘Passport’ Leather Bowling Bag

 – OMG! My heart jumped when I opened the link! This perfectly fits the unique and stylish description I am talking about. It’s really cheap!

I am so ready to process an order. Reebonz is actually offering designer bags at 70% off! Can you believe that? Plus it offers 0% Installment Payment Plan & Buy Now Pay Later Promo for BDO Credit Card holders (Cheers to BDO! I am a BDO cardholder!).

This is what I hate about online shops, it always makes me want to add stuff in the cart and process the order. The convenience of online shopping.

I’ll sleep on it first. The promo started on  November 14 to December 31, 2011. So I have another deadline.

Register at Reebonz and get crazy over best deals.

You are in for a good treat if:

1. You are a BDO card holder with credit cards in active status and in good credit standing.
2. You will purchase $122 worth, you can apply 0% interest for 3 to 6 months.
3. Note that included in the promo are Co-branded cards, Affinity and Tie-up bank accounts. Excluded are Simple cards, Corporate accounts,Distribution cards, Purchasing cards, Electron cards, EasyPay JCB and JCB 4-Gives.

Are you ready to shop? What items you want to buy from Reebonz?

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