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Compose a Ringtone with Your Smart Phone!

December 17, 2011

The world has gone wild the other night, the much awaited phone has come to Manila – iPhone4S. It was like a fever that hit the country. I was busy working on tasks in the office, but Twitter allowed me to somehow know what’s going on in the launch with two competing networks’ campaign trending in Twitter.

As for me, I think I will be stuck with my old Nokia phone (yes, still the one which uses Key Pad!). I have had a taste of using touch screen phone, but I still find convenience in using key pad. I only use my tab supported with Android for browsing and Tweeting. Don’t ask me about QWERTY phone because I haven’t embraced the idea of owning a QWERTY phone yet. But I would glady accept a Black Berry phone as a gift this holiday season.

I remember the time when I owned the Nokia 3210 – I was one of the first in our campus – and I felt so “cool” that time. Imagine a phone that allows me to compose or make a ringtone? And mind you, mine is made in Finland.

Here’s a cool site called Mobile17 that allows one to compose or make a ringtone. iPhone and Android users can download the app and play the role of composer!

Tell me, what music or ringtone are you using for your phone?

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