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For a Change, Speak Up for 2012

December 30, 2011

There are just so many ways wherein one can speak up and voice out his/her views. We are luckier now – because with just a simple tweet and upload, we can share anything that we wanted the world to see and read. We can even connect with personalities, institutions and businesses – simply to express our adoration, or raise a concern.

But one must Speak Up in 2012 not just to be heard, but also one can use the power of technology and freedom of speech for a better cause. When to speak up?

1. Speak Up to Correct a Misinformation

Have you heard about the news of the band Cold Play‘s supposedly concert in Manila? The topic Cold Play in Manila suddenly trended in Twitter with people tweeting and re-tweeting the news. Until someone finally stood up and corrected the misinformation. It was just a poster done by someone for a computer class project.

However, the news spread like fire and people got more excited. What is the lesson here? Seek information to inform, and correct misinformation. This applies to all types of news and information – from concert, music, politics, education, etc. Here comes another internet hoax, the Maria Ozawa‘s supposedly visit to Manila. Who stood up and spoke up to straighten out the issue?

I personally spoke up to an issue concerning a process in my organization. With careful review and analysis, I spoke up and challenged the information/report presented to us and because of such action, the management took the next step and corrected the issue which resulted to more accurately reporting. If I had not spoken up, it might lead to losing the report’s credibility and probably losing the client.

2. Speak Up Against Cyber-Bullying

What is worse than death? I guess being cyber-bullied. Bullying doesn’t end in Kindergarten and Grade School. Bullies are not just in a form of fat mad boys, and girls in pigtails and raised eyebrows. They are now from different geographies, in different color and age. What is sad, they can ruin a person’s life just by a click of a mouse (click Share, or Retweet); add a few lines and comments and it equals to murder. Remember the unfortunate incident of Christopher Lao? It was a lack of judgement on his part, but he got more than a floating car. If there is any good the incident has brought him, it is being an endorser of a bank’s car loan. It is he, himself spoke up to voice out his side, and fight the cyberbullies.

3. Speak Up Against Plagiarism

I may not be a professional writer, but I value my work and written pieces. I want to share them, yet, I want to protect them from people who want to take credit for someone else’s work. I have heard of stories of bloggers whose blog entries were copied and published by other bloggers. They spoke up and fought for their rights. It is comforting to know that there is a way to report plagiarism. Speaking up let people know that we are aware of it and we are taking steps to prevent anyone from copying our work. Fortunately for me, I have not been a victim of plagiarism, and I am praying not to be.

4. Speak Up for Ethical Treatment of Animals

I just watched this video and it breaks my heart. Although I am afraid of animals, I find cats the most loving and sweet animal.

Animals – how could some people actually use them, mistreat them, hurt them and kill them, and find satisfaction for such act? I saw something on the news that there are types of videos being sold to foreign market – videos which show cruelty to animals – and the surprising fact is that the video makers are married Filipino couple? PETA issued a complaint and spoke up.

I remember one time I found a group of kids in front of our home, playing with a kitten that their enjoyment extended to hurting the poor animal. I had to speak up and asked the kids to stop even though it is not my pet. We should all speak up and call for fair treatment to animals. Let’s think that their presence balances the ecosystem which enables us to live.

5. Speak Up Against Substandard Products and Services

No matter how cheap or pricey the product or services we availed, we should get what we paid for and businesses should live up to their standards. Having a blog though doesn’t mean that I can just freely publish whatever I feel about the goods I consume. I experienced being scammed by an online advertisement and online deal of one group buying site. I spoke up and contacted both the merchant and the group buying site; however, I didn’t receive any response from the concerns I raised. Contacting them will give both businesses a chance to improve the quality of services and goods they are offering. But it seems like they are more concerned of gaining and earning profit. It left me with no choice but to publish a blog entry. I have also raised the concern to DTI for handling (concern selected is false advertisement), and I am awaiting for response. It may not solve my problem, but my move will inform readers to be more aware and be a smarter shopper. 

I was always shy when I was a kid, and I never speak up or participate in recitation. But I realized that my opinion can make a big difference to one’s decision and can influence others. It is time to speak up, and stand up for what we believe in, even if you are the only one standing. More than anything, one must speak up responsibly.

What will you speak up for next year?

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