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Great Buys of the Week: Flats, Dress, Organizer Boxes and Sling Bag!

December 25, 2011

Even though my closet and room are overflowing with clothes and stuff, I still cannot resist a great bargain – something that is worth of its price. Sharing some nice pieces I recently bought.

Flats from Payless
I have a lot of heeled shoes which I seldom use because I mostly commute and I am already too tall for heels. So I just wear them if the ensembles call for heeled shoes – if my clothes can go with flats, I wear flats!

Also bought this comfy slip-ons from Payless. I just bought this because it is on sale, and the pair fits me! As simple as that. It goes inside the shopping cart. Total for these 4 pairs (plus one for mom) is only Php2,600. Such a bargain!
Boxes/Organizers from Multiply (Store: Little Emily)
Online shopping is looove, and the new Multiply has alot of new sellers. I bought these nice organizers/boxes for less than Php100 per piece. 
The one with slots is originally for undies (I think). I have already bought one before from Multiply also, but that one was made of cloth. This one is more sturdy – so I decided to use it to organize my bangles and bracelets. Keeps them free from dust too!
The two others are for make-up and belt and other accessories. I am planning to buy some more. My room will be filled with boxes!

Dress from Mango
Mango is on sale and I swung by the store last Saturday just to check out the pieces, and left with a paper bag! I found this nice dress which is made of stretch cotton and just fit perfectly. I thought of a good reason to buy it – then I remember we were asked to pack a decent, smart casual dress on our hand carried bag going to Indonesia – just incase our baggages get delayed and we need to meet the client. 
I thought this one is perfect because it is wrinkle-free and not too oldie-type-formal. I was debating with myself if I should get the gray one (I originally wanted the red one), because I have plenty of black dresses, but black is classic. And I have a gray dress in this style, so I decided on black. From Php1,900 something to Php1,190.  I will buy the red one if I find my size in another Mango store. 
Sling Bag from Kultura

I also love this nice shoulder bag from Kultura. It is trendy and I love the print. It even has pockets inside for mobile phone and pens. Love it! It is less than Php500 (I don’t want to type the exact price because I gave the same to my boss’ boss) 😉
Shopping is such joy! What are your great buys this week?

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