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IBM Introduces New Storage Offerings to Accelerate Smarter Computing

December 2, 2011
I don’t know much about techie or geek stuff, but I just want to share the info below:
Makati City, December 2, 2011: As part of a key initiative to accelerate the implementation of Smarter Computing,  IBM announced yesterday (Dec 1) to local clients and business partners new and updated storage technologies that can help clients gain actionable insights from data, increase IT capacity and deliver new services faster to create profitable business opportunities. The launch and enablement activity was held at the New World Hotel, Makati City. 

As the world’s increasing demand for data and services puts a strain on IT resources, organizations experience a vicious cycle in which a rigid IT infrastructure and lack of trusted data leads to reactive or risky decision making. Attempts to overcome these challenges through additional IT investments often result in a more sprawling and costly infrastructure.  Smarter Computing was introduced to help address these challenges and through it, will result in efficient and innovative IT for dramatically improved economics. Smarter Computing is realized through an IT infrastructure that is Designed for Data where data is harnessed for better insight (via analytics) from this available information to use this intelligence for strategic advantage; Tuned to the Task is an integrated IT system tuned to help address the unique needs and system architecture of any workload requirement to yield the best performance which will drive greater performance, efficiency and workload flexibility; and Managed in the Cloud, which simplifies access to information in a cost-effective manner through cloud computing to reinvent business and drive business transformation.   
The new offerings, highlighted below, address these challenges with smarter computing technologies for business analytics, integrated storage, optimized systems and virtualized data centers.   
An Era of Cloud Computing, Big Data and Storage Efficiency 
According to recent reports from reputable analyst firms, 2011 has seen an exponential growth in the storage business.  This growth has been attributed to key influencing factors such as cloud computing, storage efficiency and the era of ‘Big Data’, where companies have to deal with huge and growing volumes of information, both structured and unstructured. 
The challenge of the ‘Big Data’ explosion is top on most IT managers and CIOs’ minds. With a never-ending onslaught of data, companies have woken up to the reality of the need to conquer these Big Data challenges, to integrate and analyze this slew of data to create competitive advantage, by serving customers in new ways, helping them make better decisions and integrating this new business intelligence with existing information.  In order to manage this large expanse of data, an efficient storage infrastructure must be developed and implemented, whilst ensuring maximum protection and management of this data. It is this fine balance of up-to-date security measures, with efficient management of their expanding data while allowing for a proper analysis of the data that companies require assistance.   
IBM is delivering new entry-level business analytics systems, accelerated database analytics and expanded data storage options to meet the needs of these companies looking to gain valuable insight from their data and have announced three new offerings to meet this requirement. 
IBM Storwize V7000 Unified midrange disk system brings efficiency and simplicity to data storage with file and block storage located on the same system with a world-class graphical user interface. By enabling vitalization, consolidation, and tiering in mid-sized organizations, it is designed to improve application availability and resource utilization and offers easy-to-use, efficient and cost-effective management capabilities for both new and existing storage resources in your IT infrastructure. 
The Storwize V7000 Unified combines IBM® servers running advanced Network Attached Storage software, and Storwize V7000 Controllers with advanced block storage capabilities, providing thin provisioning, automated tiering, storage vitalization, clustering, replication, multi-protocol support, and a next-generation graphical user interface. 
The Storwize V7000 Unified system also includes the local capabilities of the IBM Active Cloud Engine, which is designed to deliver policy-based         management of files to reduce costs through use of tiered storage, and improve data governance. For example, Active Cloud Engine policies can be used to move less frequently used data to lower-cost tiers of storage, including tape in an IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager system. Active Cloud Engine policies can also be used to automatically delete unwanted or expired data. 
Another key benefit from this solution is in the area of Security.  The IBM Storwize V7000 Unified integration with McAfee and Symantec Antivirus is designed to provide the ability to isolate or delete compromised files, and leverage the most commonly deployed ISV antivirus applications, thereby securing the company’s data in a much stronger capacity. 
Also introduced today was the IBM XIV Storage System Gen3 enterprise disk system with an advanced hardware upgrade that can improve performance for the most demanding application workloads such as virtualization, analytics and cloud computing and is a  versatile, high-end disk storage solution featuring a new grid architecture that offers clients high performance and scalability besides making it cost effective and simple. 
Now, IBM is adding support for 3TB disk drives that increase capacity by 50 percent in the same physical footprint and enable an increase in usable capacity of up to 243TB per rack (based on IBM internal measurements).   This XIV offering also enables automated data placement that requires no tuning as application workloads change. Inherent virtualization and advanced thin provisioning features also help in increasing system utilization at optimum performance.   
XIV Gen3 can optimize the storage performance of a diverse range of applications including database, email, online transaction processing and ERP applications, enabling an increase in the company’s performance and employee productivity. 
IBM is also offering several other innovations within the XIV range, such as the IBM XIV Mobile Dashboard, an Apple iPad application available at no cost that enables XIV system status to be monitored from anywhere. Separately, IBM also announced the first Storage Performance Council (SPC) result with the XIV Storage System as part of the SPC’s announcement of the new energy extensions for SPC-2 (SPC-2/E) and SPC-2C (SPC-2C/E). XIV Storage System produced an SPC-2/E result which demonstrated its ability to handle Big Data as well as providing associated energy use data. The SPC-2/E result shows the XIV Storage System provides outstanding enterprise price-performance, in addition to Large File Processing (LFP) performance that is faster than all SPC-2 submissions from competing vendors to date.(1)   
The IBM System Storage DS8000 Release 6.2 enterprise disk systems is another new offering which will introduce greater performance and improved capacity optimization capabilities that allow organizations to manage diverse workloads efficiently and automatically without administrator involvement. Easy Tier enhancements include automated data migration across three-tiers of storage, as well as automated data rebalancing within a single tier, which can help clients improve performance where and when it’s needed. Moreover, with only two parameters to set, Easy Tier is easy to set up and manage. 
Said Sang Yoon Yi, Country Manager for Systems and Technology Group, IBM Philippines, “IBM continued leadership in delivering innovative storage offerings to our clients reaffirms our strategy to provide the most comprehensive tiered portfolio of storage offerings, ranging from software and services to disk and tape storage solutions. With these new offerings announced today, IBM’s leadership position in the storage space for managing Big Data, especially for the mid-market segment, as well as in storage efficiency that is Tuned to the Task and Managing storage in the cloud is further solidified, as these offerings under the theme of Smarter Computing, will enable the next generation of storage solutions which are cost-efficient and reliable, so as to help customers increase overall productivity and maximize storage.” 
As part of the upcoming six country IBM Storage Systems roadshow, IBM here in the Philippines will be providing a special agreement for Tier One Business Partners and Distributors with price bundle pack for Storwize v7000 Unified, a true value for in country customers as they will receive Unified storage which would help them manage both block and file data with a free virtualization licence to manage their existing storage, leading to a significant reduction in their TCO.  In addition,  IBM has also announced a product replacement and special storage box rebates for the new IBM XIV Gen3, a timely offering especially for customers who are looking to refresh their legacy storage or upgrade their storage environment .  These new agreements are applicable across all six ASEAN countries immediately. 

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