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Nikon and Electroworld Unveil Nikon 1 J1 & Nikon 1 V1: Like Digital Cameras with DSLR Functions

December 27, 2011

I was thinking if I should really get a DSLR – I always think of the pros and cons of things whenever I cannot decide on something. It looks like at this point, there are more pros on getting a DSLR. When I bought my digital camera I got more reasons to buy digital camera BUT NOW – I thought I need a DSLR.  Let me list down the reasons:

1. DSLR has this commanding approach – when you ask someone if you can take their pictures with DSLR on hand, they will eagerly pose for you, but with a digicam on hand, you will always look like a fan (that is funny but true!).

2. I need DSLR mainly for events coverage – especially when I am seated somewhere far, and needed a good shot that can zoom away and sweep away the crowd.

3. My second line manager believes so. Hehe. Her opinion matters, and she, being an avid reader of blogs (fashion blogs), she suggested I get one.

4. Will be travelling somewhere and it is once in a lifetime experience. I need a good camera that can capture priceless moments (I sound like a commercial).

I never wanted to bring anything bulky, being me that I tend to bring everything and carry a big bag – having a DSLR is another burden to carry on my shoulder.

Then, there is light. I was invited to the media launch of Nikon’s Latest Camera Technology. Two new cameras that can take pictures like a pro, aptly called the “camera of the future“. They are called Nikon 1 J1 and Nikon 1 V1. 

Yes, they look like digital cameras but with features of an SLR with its interchangeable lens system.

Lookie –

It is compact..

Love the color! There is Silver, Pink, Red, Black and White!

I mentioned that there is an interchangeable lens system.. 
and yes, there is!

What makes me more impressed is the ability to take videos and take pictures while recording a video. I tried it – took a video, and pressed the shutter while taking the video. It is amazing! When I checked the preview .. I can see/play the video I recorded (see that video icon displayed on the top left corner of display LCD).

And I can also preview the pictures I took while recording (see the camera icon on the top left of the LCD)

It means that I was able to take pictures while recording the video. It will be helpful when covering events. Most of my blogger friends carry cameras and recorders. 

Both Nikon 1 J1 and Nokin 1 V1 are also packed with convenient features including EXPEED 3, an image processor engineered that can process images at 600 megapixels per second.

It also has feature of taking movies in slow motion. I have seen the presentation and it is just amazing – would be great for the sand boarding or 4×4 ride trip!

What makes the two different? Nikon 1 J1 model is easy to operate with auto focus system, strong low-light performance, clever shooting modes and a built-in flash. It comes with five colors including white, silver, black, pink and red that will surely fits to all lifestyle. Nikon 1 V1 model has a fast dual AF system, a high-resolution electronic viewfinder, clever shooting modes, strong low-light performance and options for manual control. It has two elegant designs: white and black.

Wondering if you can afford it? There is always zero percent offering from credit card companies – I am thinking of getting the Nikon 1 J1.

Nikon 1 J1 is priced at Php43,999, while Nikon 1 J1 is at Php31,999.

And since Nikon gave us these wonderful goodies (Nikon Lens Mug and Camera Neck Strap from Crumpler! Yey! Thanks Nikon and Geiser Maclang Team for the invite!), I got more reason to get one 🙂

See more of events pictures here.

Visit or the Nikon site for more info.

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