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What’s On My BedSide Table? Unscripted by Sarah Meier and Vicky Herrera

December 27, 2011

I miss reading books and blogging about the books I read. The earlier posts in this blog are all about the books I read (mostly chicklits!) Read this blog about the book Thoughts While Having Sex which I wrote in January 2008! I miss having the time to read books. I got tons of books waiting to be scanned and read (see them here).  I am just soo glad I was given the time and opportunity to attend the book launch of Unscripted by Sarah Meier and Vicky Herrera some weeks ago – and that book stays in my bedside table. I simply love everything about the book!

I have already written what is the book about (as published in But I looove the book so much and I want to blog about it! Unscripted truly describes the book. The authors (should I say radio show hosts) were not afraid to ask questions, to know their guests more and to find a different meaning to their guests’ lives other than what is usually presented. The authors – Sarah Meier and Vicky Herrera did a good job. Sarah is known as the favorite MTV VJ and a fashion model. She is also my favorite guy’s ultimate crush and she makes me insecure (who wouldn’t?). She is popular, she is gorgeous and she does good in whatever she does – the only thing that makes us equal is our height. Then Vicky was once a features editor for Status Magazine, and marketing and PR director for Trilogy Boutique. With good background up her sleeve, we know that she is perfect to pair with Sarah.

What makes this book stays in my bedside table? First, I loove the concept. It is not the typical book of heavy text and quotes. As the interviews (or conversations) were derived from the defunct radio show The DollHouse, the celebrities and guests’ opinions and feelings about a certain topic or question are heartfelt in this hardbound book. I wonder how the two did it? Asked questions and get the answers they wanted to hear – and what the listeners (now readers) wanted to know.

I love that it looks like a scrapbook. The design and layout of each page surely fits the featured celebrity. Each page is given a new life through the artwork of Christian San Jose with other designs/illustrations by Kasey Albano, and photographs by Roy Macam. The child in me rejoices – it is like reading a fairy-tale book-slash-art-book-slash-activity-book-slash-autobiography.

Days before the launch, Sarah kept on tweeting and thanking the people who are working to make the day perfect for them. The launch is more than perfect! I know it was attended and supported by their families and friends – as I noticed that the two kept on standing up and taking a break from signing the copies of the book just to greet someone, or a group who came.

For the first time, I felt like drowning in the crowd – I was surrounded with statuesque, fashionable people holding wine glasses and toasting for the two.

During the launch, there is one adorable kid staying in the table, doodling and writing. She is Sarah’s cute daughter (oh yes, she has a daughter – with a body like that, I am more envious!)

The first featured icon is Tessa Prieto-Valdes – how nice, I love fashion! I enjoyed reading the interview as much as I get to know the story behind the extravagant dressing. Turning each page is like peaking through the life of the featured artist. The book is engaging and I worry reaching the last few pages.

More lovely pages and stories..

You know this page is dedicated to Madam Imelda Marcos!

Walang tulugan! The book will not bore you!

I wanted to post all the featured artists and celebrities introduction page, but decided to delete them because I want you to get the book too! 😉

Then last few pages, – well, a gallery! It is about the authors, and everything about them. It is a work of art, yet, it is neat. I love it! I am not giving you a sneak peak, get a book and enjoy the pages, stories and life lessons.

The book is cheap at Php999.00. It is hardbound with really nice pages overflowing with great images and artwork. It is a must-buy if you are a fan of Imelda Marcos, Raimund Marasigan, Gang Badoy, Mastaplann, Jeff Cariaso, Jim Paredes, Lourd de Veyra, Kate Torralba, Kuya Germs, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Ryan Cayabyab, Jeannie Goulbourn, Carlos Celdran, Rico Hizon and Boyet Sison, or simply a fan of good book and good conversations.

I got the book with notes from the authors! Sweet!

What’s on your bedside table?

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