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December 6, 2011

Wish List - From Travel Things to Baby Gifts

Holiday Season is coming! I just sent a reminder to our team regarding our Kris-Kringle theme for tomorrow - Something Useful but Trendy. Another email I sent is the list of individual's wishes - which reminded me that I don't have anything yet on my list. There are ten thousand things I want to buy and own, but yet, they cost too much that I am afraid my "mommy/daddy" cannot afford them.

I am thinking of asking for:

1. Magazine Subscription 

Something I requested for two years ago, and my mommy generously gave. She even subscribed me to a 6-month subscription. At least, it feels like receiving a gift every month.

2. Luggage Organizer/Packing Cubes

I am expecting more trips next year, and I badly need something to organize my luggage and bag. Airport security might ask to inspect my luggage anytime, so it is nice to always be ready - and organized.

3. Boxes, boxes and more boxes

My room is starting to shrink and I need good boxes to keep my accessories, and belts, and scarves, and other knick knacks. Fancy looking decors/organizers no longer work for me.

4. Lamp

I felt that my room needs a new lighting and ambiance. ;) Although, I am not sure if that will be useful since my normal sleep hours is morning to late afternoon.

5. Anything from the White Company!

I am actually thinking of asking for baby gifts instead. Disclaimer, I am not yet a mommy, but I think it is more fun and nice to give gifts to my friends who have little "angels". White Company sure have a lot of good items for this Holiday Season. I just found cute plush toys in the site.

Do you have suggestions what to ask for this Holiday Season?