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Great Buys of the Week: Accessories from Bijoux de Lou

January 18, 2012

It is funny that almost a week had passed and I haven’t even checked my payslip, yet here I am unwrapping my online buys.

Bijoux de Lou is one of my favorite Multiply Stores (although to be honest, it is my first transaction with the store). I love browsing through the Multiply albums and the items always make me exclaim “Wowanthat!” – as in Wow! I want that!  The store sells different vintage and “whimsical” items from necklaces, lockets to funky and unique bracelets and rings. At some point in time, I got addicted with vintage necklaces, that I even bought a lot from Ebay in US. Although I love shopping and buying accessories, I only buy the stuff which I can afford, and to be honest, Bijoux de Lou’s accessories are quite pricey. Until the word SALE screams on the site’s every album! I checked all the albums and finally chose my orders. I originally wanted this:

…and a Marilyn Monroe bracelet (I don’t have a copy of the picture, it has been removed from the site).

However, I was advised that the items had been sold during a Chirstmas bazaar. Lou (the store owner) is kind enough to offer another bracelet for the same price. I also added the Twilight Necklace because I know my friend has been wishing for one ever since Twilight was released in Manila, and to save on shipping also added a Marilyn Monroe earrings! (I soo love Marilyn!!!).

Here are my new lovely pieces!

I have to take picture of these pieces in nice backgrounds 🙂 I used to sell accessories in Multiply and Ebay and I use the same pages 😉

This one is for a friend who thinks she were Bella. 🙂

This is the replacement bracelet for the original one I wanted (see above).

I love cute pin-up-y charms 😉

I know they look like young girls and they are wearing underwear. Inappropriate but let’s just think that “they” are professional models who look younger than their age 😀

Unfortunately, the items (when I bought them) were not yet uploaded in the new Multiply Marketplace. I have to settle through Paypal because I didn’t have time to go to the bank and mall (GCASH). So I have to pay for shipping and additional fee charged by Paypal.

But there are some items listed on sale and you can order through the new Multiply Service. Take advantage, it is FREE SHIPPING in Multiply!

Although I have been buying and selling items online since 2005, I can say that there are a lot of differences when it comes to the whole experience. In online shopping you don’t get to fit the items or check the materials used in making the product. For example, in buying accessories, there are some accessories which are not “seamlessly” handcrafted/made and the materials use might tarnish/fade easily (since these are not real gold or silver). But the best part is the delivery of item and the unwrapping 😉 Some sellers even add “freebies” and gifts to the package.

After writing this post, I suddenly missed making accessories. Look at this one that I made and gave away during an intimate Bloggers Christmas Party. We were asked to bring anything that describes our blog – I just changed one charm and added a camera charm (for my love to photography and pictures!). And yes, I did that art of transferring those pin-up photo prints to those tiles. You are impressed, I know! 😉

So, what new accessory/accessories have you recently bought/received?

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