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What Type of Bed Do You Sleep On?

January 19, 2012

Does my blog title sound like survey monkey? Well it is not a survey and not a personality test. I just thought of it after a long yawn and I suddenly thought of my bed. Yay, just realized I will not be sleeping on it for a month as soon as I travel to another country for my assignment.

This is not my bed.. I just found it at dominic wilcox

Do you think it would be nice to wake up on this bed? A rocking bed!

All the beds in our house are customized. We asked the carpenter who did our kitchen to make us frames for our bed. We then went to Caloocan (one of the best places to go to when buying furniture) and buy (yes you got it!), Uratex foams. We made a very easy decision, we will buy Uratex because it is the same brand we had then for our beds. What is nice is that all the foams that we bought even came with 5 year warranty (and that warranty had already lapsed last year); but the Uratex bed that we have in each room is still as good as the first time we bought it.

I cannot find the exact words or adjectives to describe a foam or bed. I hope Google can help me. Anyway, here are some interesting updates about bed/Uratex that I want to share with you. And since Chinese New Year is coming, (or maybe a friend’s wedding), you may want to consider giving a Uratex bed instead of the usual lucky charms (for Chinese New Year) or toaster, starter sets, and flat irons (for weddings).

Therapoint® Mattress is I think best for me. It has superior grade, high-resilient foam for a perfect balance of comfort and support so that you can enjoy deep, sound sleep every night. Or in my case, every morning.

Or maybe it is the Uratex Senso Memory Mattress that is just right for me. It is made of pressure-relieving visco-elastic foam, it is designed to sense your body’s weight and temperature and gently molds or conforms to your body’s shape and contours to ease pressure points and other aches and discomforts usually related to incorrect sleeping positions (the bold texts make me feel like I am a goddess!).The Uratex Senso Memory Mattress fabric cover is also treated with Sanitized® for safe and effective protection against bacteria, fungi, dust mites, mold, mildew and unpleasant odors.

The Uratex Mattress with Banig reminds me of my friend who loves anything that is Pinoy-made. Kultura is like a mecca for her. One side is quilted for a plush look while the other side has the banig. Users have the option to use the fabric side when it is cool or the banig side when it is warm as it is proven to be cool and smooth. It is made from durable woven plastic material.

Interesting enough, Uratex has this product called Trapunto by Rajo Laurel. It means “to embroider” in Italian, Trapunto is a classic European quilting style known for its “delicate elegance and exquisite beauty.” Exclusively designed by acclaimed fashion designer Rajo Laurel, this specialty mattress offers a new level of luxury, support and comfort. Wow, designers collaborating with foam makers. Cute!

And it doesn’t end there, sleep like a celebrity with K Everyday® Deluxe Mattress that delivers the perfect combination of healthy support, protection, comfort and durability. Inspired by (yes, you got it right again) Kris Aquino!

More Uratex products are found in the site:

Which one will you most likely buy?

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