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What’s Up with My Life, Plans for 2012 and Some Announcements

January 7, 2012

I miss blogging. I really do. I started the year with so many tasks in my to-do list. I am even using two planners. One is for work, and one is for personal.

The first few days of the year is challenging my time management skills.

Work: Well, since I moved to a new role, I started my training the other day. I was a bit hesitant to accept the new role, but I have to accept it; not because I need the job – but more importantly, people think I will do good in the role. So I have to do good. I am actually amazed at myself. I am starting to appreciate and embrace the process, the policy and each new things I am learning about the role. What is challenging though, the new role calls for weekly meetings, and more meetings. Sometimes, you will have 5 hours of scheduled meeting in a day, which leave you with less than 3 hours to do your work.

Finance: Status of my finance is a mess! I have yet to reconcile how much I have saved last year and assess how I can save more by cutting down on my expenses and finding more ways to earn money. I have missed my HSBC credit card due date (yesterday!). Ouch! BDO internet banking was down last night. Anyway, I have decided to deactivate my Citibank Credit Card (because they refused to waive my annual fee! Hehe), so I will just keep the new card they gave me – Citibank Titanium Card – which looks fancier. My relationship with BDO Credit Card is still going strong. I loooove BDO. I never find it hard to request for waived membership. I have been meaning to write a blog post about credit cards, but this blog knows – I don’t have time. Bottom line, I love BDO. They even reversed the penalty fees they charged me the one time I missed my due date.

Family: I try to spend as much time as possible at home. I turned down alot of events, and chose to stay home during weekends. I miss bonding with mom, and since I will be out for whole month in March, I wanted to spend as much time with her. I really have to request for a vacation leave before my assignment. Last week, my mom and I watched the movie, Enteng ng Ina Mo! We had so much fun. It is a light and feel-good movie. If you haven’t read my blog yet about the first time I met Vic Sotto, read here.

Friends: I am missing my friends. I don’t even have time to check my Facebook and reply to all the messages and “mentions”. My friends at work are planning for an out of town trip. We kept on postponing it. I hope it pushes through before February ends. Can you recommend good resorts around the area? Somewhere that doesn’t require airfare, or sea fare.

My College friend from Kuwait was also here during the Holiday Vacation, but I didn’t get to see her. I was only able to meet up with my blogger friends after Christmas, and we had a fun after-Christmas Party. I realized that it is a good move to finally come out of my blog and meet people. There are alot of interesting people who unknowingly teach me a lesson or two.

Health and Fitness: I am trying to stay healthy this year. On the first day of the year, I started on my work-out activity again. I know I am not the only person feeling and seeing it, my mom asked me if I were pregnant because I have such a bulge in my tummy. Two of my friends also got surprised with my “puson”. I was wearing a fitted top yesterday. I know I should start working out because I am planning to have my pic taken with Boudoir Dolls before January ends. I need to stay healthy too because I want to do alot of things this year.

Beauty and Fashion: I am trying to follow a beauty routine and use more of anti-aging products regularly. I got tons of moisturizers and beauty creams at home which I don’t get to use because I chose to just drop dead on bed after a long day. I will use them now – religiously. And since I am also trying to save money, I just do my own nails especially I discovered a really nice nail polish store last year – Nail Up Store. But I might swing by Beauty and Butter soon because I miss real “hardcore” nail art.

For dressing up, I realized I should enjoy the clothes that fit me well – because the truth is, I am not getting any younger. I will no longer look cute in a certain clothing if I already have sagging skin and wrinkles! I have some styles of clothing lined up in my mom’s work area (yes, my mom does some of my clothes!).

Travel: I was reading some of my travel posts the other day, and I realized that I was not very detailed with my posts then. One blogger friend said that’s the beauty of it. Blogging with experience and not for marketing. I will sure finish or should I say, start my blog posts regarding our Beijing Trip. I don’t have planned trips this year yet, but we are thinking of visiting Korea. I wanted to visit a place outside of Asia. I wish I were assigned somewhere in Latin America, or Europe to explore the culture there.

Shopping: As much as I want to save, and stay away from malls, there are online shops and really nice buys online. I just bought some nice accessories and they are expected to arrive next week. Will sure blog about them! They are Great Buys!

Blogging: I missed blogging! That’s all I wanted to say. I hope I find time to blog and share my experiences. But one thing is for sure, I will blog less about events. I will still attend some events (I just declined some food events because I want to lose weight!), but will make sure they are ok with my schedule and sleeping hours. How about me making my own events? 🙂

Btw, Accessorize just gave me a really fun and fab gift. I will blog about it later. It is such a pleasant surprise!

Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment: I got some updates. Will blog about it separately. One thing is sure, I am nervous and scared. It is officially two months before my departure.

Anyway, I got some announcements and concert schedules to share:

Nokia Asha 200 is now in the Philippines – a colorful Dual-SIM QWERTY phone with SRP of Php3,500. Real cheap!

Avril Lavigne will be in Manila! I remember her with her song Complicated (which I guess is the mother of that relationship status – It’s complicated) and Sk8er Boi. 
Ticket Prices:
For inquiries call Wilbros Live! 374.22.22 or Ticketnet 911.55.55
Patron Center – P7920
Patron Sides – P6340
Lower Box – P5280
Upper Box A – P2640
Upper Box B – P1585
Gen Admission – P530
Brought to you by Wilbros Live!
British-Norwegian group A1 is expected to churn out their familiar tunes at their Manila
concert on the evening of February 25, 2012.

Lookie, Peanuts Gang and Charlie Brown will come alive!
Robbie Guevara as Charlie Brown
Franco Laurel as Linus
Carla Guevara-Laforteza as Lucy
Sweet Plantado-Tiongson as Sally
Lorenz Martinez as Snoopy
Tonipet Gaba as Schroeder

2Cellos show scheduled on Jan. 20 (instead of Jan. 21) in Newport Performing Arts Theater, 
Resorts World.
Look at those beautiful men! Would love to watch this!
How about you? How have you been? 

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