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Fashionable and Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses On Sale!

February 22, 2012

I re-organized by office pedestal and found the computer eyeglasses which was prescribed by the optometrist two years ago. I actually have 20/20 vision but I was advised to wear one to protect my eyes. I have worn it less than 10 times. It is not because it is unfashionable. It is actually color pink with nice shape – not the type which is worn by your grandma. I made a promise to wear it whenever I need to wear it (like when I am in the office, or when I am blogging). It is not cheap, in the first place. Prescription glasses cost alot – lucky that I am, it was covered by my medical plans.

Here’s a good news for those who are looking for affordable eyeglasses. And I mean, affordable and fashionable too. Zenni Optical is holding a promotion. Can you believe a $6.95 prescription glasses?

Some nice $6.95 glasses I loooove!

There are so many designs to choose from – there’s oval, rectangle, aviator and round (depending on your face shape). Of course, fashion means color – and there are like 20 available colors to choose from. The material and design are also categorized from plastic, aluminum alloy to stainless steel. There is also an option to add tint for only $4.95. So those who need to wear glasses are not stuck with geeky ones.

I know shoppers might worry about shipping, but look, the shipping fee is only $4.95 for US orders (only the same cost as your designer coffee) and this is good for all orders. You can get pink full rimmed eyeglasses, black round rimless one and multicolor shades for one shipping cost. International shipping is only $9.95.

Since I have friends going to US, I am thinking of buying some nice glasses. I just thought it is time to experiment with my look.

What is your favorite Zenni Optical eyeglasses?

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