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I Helped an Old Woman and It Feels So Damn Good!

February 10, 2012

I was feeling down, stressed and lost for so many days; but I just feel so good because I helped an old woman. It was just a couple of minutes ago. On my way home. My head was actually spinning and I had hazy thoughts, when I saw an old woman walking down slowly on the stairs – her weak knees caused a little traffic. She was being assisted by a guy – the type who looks like a typical accused robber/criminal/ex-convict  (I am not being judgemental here). But that same guy inspired me. I heard the old woman told the guard she is going to this place where I am also heading. The guard just led the woman to where she can take a jeepney. I was expecting more from the uniformed man.

Anyway, I just grabbed the old woman’s hands and led her to the jeepney. She even offered to pay for my fare. But I am quick, and I am the one who is employed, so I paid for our fare. The old woman kept on shouting she is a senior, so we could get a discount from the jeepney fare. But, as usual, the jeepney driver charged me two regular fares. I don’t want to ruin the good feeling and chose not to argue with the driver. I would just think I gave him Php1 tip.  

The old woman said she’s visiting a brother who works near the LTO office doing typing job. She lives in Bulacan. I asked her why she commutes alone, she said her grandchildren are too young to accompany her. She said she only visits her siblings if she needs money. She touched her tummy and said she will be swinging by Jollibee first to use the washroom. And I thought, we have something in common – overactive bladder.

We reached our stop, and as we walked down the street, in a little less than a minute, I got to know she is already 73 years old, her name is Aida, and we have the same surname. Before we crossed the street, she told me I am a gift from heaven. That could be the most awesome/kilig/kind/sweet thing I have heard in my life – that is coming from an old woman I just met. I feel her gratitude is heartfelt.

I escorted her to the entrance of Jollibee (I think I saw the Happy Bee smiling wider than usual on me – okay, that is a scary thought!). I told the guard to assist her, while Lola Aida was so apologetic for the inconvenience she thought she caused me. I was worried because the washroom is at the second floor, but she told me she will use the one at the first floor. We said goodbyes, and I even waved my hand.

I walked down the street – a longer walk than the usual – but I was smiling. Not the usual reaction I wear whenever I am commuting on my way home. It was a good feeling to be of help. Kindness is contagious. Thanks for the great feeling.

I will end this post with this beautiful video.

Have a great day!

(I was supposed to blog about something else, but I thought this one is worth-sharing..)

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