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March 28, 2012

Congratulations to the Winner of Jhajing Accessories Giveaway!

Have I told you I am missing my accessories so much? I decided not to bring a lot of them because I thought I would just buy locally in Indonesia and simply because I dread paying for the excess baggage. Most of the girls in our team love accessories, and every time I see them wearing necklaces, chunky rings and cute earrings - I thought of my big boxes of accessories and wish I have them here. It is actually interesting to realize that not wearing the style that you have affect your mood and motivation (at some level).

Anyway,  I am writing this blog to announce the winner of the Jhajing Accessories Giveaway! The winner will receive Php500 Gift Voucher which he/she could use to shop online or physically in the Jhajing Store.

So the winner is..

RiCalyn Sicad

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Please email me your name and contact number at ruth.is.ruthilicious@gmail.com.

This is one cute ring from Jhajing Accessories! Now I want a gift voucher too! :D

Thank you again to everyone who joined this giveaway. Not feeling lucky today? Don't worry, I got tons of giveaway to run in the coming months. Right now, I am busy with my assignment here in Indonesia helping a local hospital to "Go Green" with my partner from USA.  
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