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My (Not-So) Nude Pictorial Experience with The Boudoir Dolls

March 3, 2012

Guess what I am doing? I am browsing some nude pictures. Actually the pictures that were taken last week for my Boudoir Dolls shoot. (Before anything, read about my thoughts on my body and Boudoir Dolls A Nude Picture with Boudoir Dolls.)

Not me. Picture by The Boudoir Dolls

Oh yes, I did it! I have been wanting to do it. Been wanting to have a nude picture of myself. I actually wanted it done during those times when I was still feeling that I was at my best. However, I just couldn’t find the best studio/photographer who I will be comfortable working with. I love The Boudoir Dolls because pictures are taken by dolls too! Lovely ladies who believe in the beauty of every woman. It was Shayla Sanchez who I got to work with.

To know more about my experience, please click Read More..

Days before the shoot, I was feeling nervous and anxious – is this how Brides feel days before the wedding? This one is different though. I just know. As soon as the schedule was set, it felt like I was placed on death row. Karol of Makeup by Karol is so nice to say Yes to do my hair and make-up. He was more excited than I was. I know he loves this kind of drama.

I thought and searched for nice concepts for the shoot. I want it natural, not the naughty – sexy type. Not the FMH-ish type. So when I found some nice concepts, I sent it to The Boudoir Dolls team hours before my shoot, then I prepared for the big event.

Karol advised me to come 2 hours before the scheduled shoot. It is recommended by the Boudoir Dolls team to come made up for the shoot since there is only one hour time to do all the posing and shooting. We were lucky that we got to use the studio 2 hours earlier before my shoot schedule which is at 3pm. Usually they only allow “models” to use it 1 hour before the shoot. So I came at around 1:30pm, and the dresser was already set up (Karol came at 1:00pm). I checked the dresser and I saw nice color palettes and more color palettes – and a traincase! Ok, so this is going to be serious!

Love Make-up!

After I freshened up, Karol started applying primer – and more concealers and creams. Karol was actually my former boss in my previous role. So I feel comfy having my face done with someone I am comfortable with – and most of all, he took up make-up classes and the credential made me more comfortable in my seat. I also have to share that Karol looks more feminine than I am. I know it is not a factor and metric of how good a make-up artist is, but I just have to share that.

We decided to have nude make-up since I want the shoot to have a natural effect. I was still undecided what to wear halfway through the make-up session, but I brought alot of sexy underwear I had bought years ago (you know, see-through undies, with stocking clips and the likes) and a corset. I even grabbed the handcuff (from Axe End of the World Survival Kit!) before I left the house.

After Karol finished my eye make-up, “the” photographer finally came. She is Shayla Sanchez. I had previously met her in the Blogapalooza event. I find her really cute, with that spunk and style. She works for Mellow 94.7 – and my schedule confirmation specifically noted that I have to be on time because Shayla cannot be late to work after the shoot – she is a DJ. How cool!

Where we did it!

While my face is being made-up, Shayla took the time to get to know us – which I think is nice because that somehow builds our relationship. I got more comfortable with her – as she is not intimidating in the first place. When she saw the pegs I wanted for the shoot, she was so glad and she gave me a high five! She likes it, and I like it the she likes it.

It was already 10 minutes before 3:00PM when Karol started working on my curls. During this time, I tried to get to know Shayla – I found out she once worked in the BPO, was once a flight attendant (actually, twice a flight attendant – one for local airline company and also for Emirates). Now she works as a DJ and a photographer. She finally found the job that she wants and I know she enjoys it. I couldn’t believe she had performed so many jobs because she looks like a fresh graduate; what surprised me more was when she mentioned the words – “my husband”. She so much reminds me of my friend Irene of Chubibo.

Finally, my curls were done. Time to take off the clothes. Maybe I am that comfortable with myself that I don’t feel embarrassed even after changing into a tiny red underwear with see-through back cover. I felt I were just in a beach but instead of the heat from the sun, I got the blinding lights set up in the studio.

Time to do the poses! Shayla knows alot about photography. I can tell. She taught me how to pose – in a way that looks natural – dramatic probably; but never too sexy and seductive. She would even adjust the lighting and find the perfect angle – the one which would hide my flaws (and my bare breasts). Haha. She would even ask me to look at a certain blank spot to get the right angle of the eyes – probably that look in the eyes that talks and not the one which looks like sleepy and bored.

This is all I can post for now.. Let’s wait for the official photos from The Boudoir Dolls 😉

I found myself enjoying the whole session, with occasional laughs especially during the times when I was forgetting to cover my body with my hair (yes, I am that comfortable).

The experience is somewhat liberating.. This is something that I’ve been wanting to do since I turned 18 (seriously!), so now I guess I can cross this off my bucketlist. My friends are kind of surprise that I wanted to do it – and why do women do it. Well, I am doing it for myself.  At least I have something to look at to when I get older. Some of my friends got convinced and now they want to take off their clothes and pose. Others still need a little convincing though.

I am thinking of doing it every year now. I really need to work out and get to that “best” shape. It was actually funny that when I looked at some of the raw pictures, I found flaws in my body which I never realized were there during the shoot. Haha. I somehow compared my body to the FHM girls they feature in the mag. Just the same I love my body.

This will not be my last session with the Boudoir Dolls. I am thinking of having my pic taken again probably before I walk down the aisle and say YES to my prince charming (whoever he is!); and I will pose again once I embrace pregnancy – like these dolls.

Thank you again to the Boudoir Dolls (especially to Shayla) for the nice pictures (I am just seeing the raw pictures, but I am awed..) and for making me feel beautiful – and of course, thank you to Makeup by Karol for literally making me beautiful.

with Karol and Shayla after the shoot

I know some people might raise their eyebrows; but I just want to stress that I am doing this for myself. The same vision I share with the Boudoir Dolls – they want women to appreciate their body, their beauty and their individuality. One must not make it for their husbands, for their boyfriend or ex-boyfriend. It is all about yourself. And only do it if you really feel like doing it. That is what the Boudoir Dolls is all about.

To know about the rates and add-ons services, check out the Boudoir Dolls or send a note to [email protected] or call 27137189. Wondering if your pictures will automatically be published in the site? The Boudoir Dolls respects the privacy of their clients, they will only publish the ones with approval/consent. 

Special thanks to:
The Boudoir Dolls
Make-up By Karol

Shayla Sanchez

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