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The Avengers: Not Your Usual Action Sci-Fi Movie (It’s a Comedy!)

April 29, 2012

The Avengers is a comedy film! Well, it is just my nice way of saying that it is entertaining and that I did enjoy the movie! I am no film critic and a certified movie-reviewer but now I understand why The Avengers grossed more than 100M in two days of its opening. The movie doesn’t mainly focused on action scenes and effects, but also considered character building, scripting and how movie-goers can relate to each character.

I got a brilliant idea from a blogger friend – Movie Screening Tickets collectible 😉
I hope to find time to attend movie screenings though.

Never mind if I only had 3 hours of sleep and I missed Vic Sotto‘s birthday celebration in Eat Bulaga (gosh, I never miss Vic’s birthday celebrations!). I battled the traffic and the summer heat, just to get to SM The Block for the Block Screening of The Avengers. Thank you to our friends, I got free screening ticket invites to watch the movie without buying any merchandise. But I might buy some for my niece and nephew (see below where you can buy The Avengers merchandise and apparels).

 Here I am with The Avengers 
The Hulk is supposedly taller.. but looks like I am the tallest here 😉

I would have to put a disclaimer (first) that I am no Marvel comics reader, although I know the characters and I love their costumes, watching The Avengers is like tasting an exotic food for me. No expectations and no comparison, but the raves even before the movie was shown got me all intrigued.

I am totally amazed at how they put together big stars to play superhero roles in one big movie. It is not the typical all-star cast movie – big names with small roles; but each star was given a spotlight to play the character and deliver remarkable lines.

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The story is a mix of a precious-something-was-stolen/Earth-invasion/grab-for-power/good guys vs bad guy theme, but the difference is the whole process of movie transition from presenting the dilemna, building the characters and presenting action-packed scenes.

I am not sure if I should tell you the whole story, I do not want to bore you; but the interesting part of the movie is how the team dynamics is presented. The movie shows that superheroes are not all good and noble (and I am not saying they are bad), but The Avengers  makes us realize that in every group and team, personalities do clash and differences will always be present. Imagine superheroes with super powers with strong personalities? Who would take the lead, who is better? Who has a best plan? (when I think of team and differences, I remember my IBM CSC Indonesia 3 Team). The team’s goal is to save the planet, but it shows the reality that they also have feelings, fears and frustrations – and this aspect captures the heart of movie-goers. Sort of, we can relate to the characters.

I love that scenes with too much dialogues are given a new life with witty lines from characters – that even The Hulk who seldom talks has his funny moments!  And yes, that is why I am saying it is a comedy film. A must-not-miss scene is when The Hulk and Loki came face to face.

I love the part when the movie took us to the fighting scenes of The Avengers team and it shows the strength of each character and the teamwork.

And since we watched it in 3D, we felt that we experienced 4D with the seats moving and rambling with every action scene.

I am not sure if The Avengers review has been helpful to you. But I suggest that you go and watch the movie, and don’t be left behind. Everyone would be talking about the movie in the office tomorrow. We should be glad that the movie is shown one week earlier than in the US!

Here’s the fun part, if you are an avid fan of The Avengers, time to get this collectible merchandise and apparels available in all SM Department Stores.

Thank you to Juan Manila Express
How nice it is to be kids nowadays?! I would love an Avengers lunch box, but that would look funny in the corporate world. 
Btw, the official licensed merchandise of The Avengers is now available at SM Character Shop and Children’s Wear / Dept. Stores Nationwide. I am afraid that some businesses might mass-produced The Avengers printed stuff, so only buy licensed products.
Make sure that you stayed in the movie house after the closing credits. Nope, there is no bloopers video (like Men In Black!) and you won’t see the characters dancing in the beach and doing jump shot (typical Regal Films 80s movies!).  I don’t want to be a spoiler, so just go and watch it.

Have you seen the movie? What is your favorite scene? 

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner, Clark Gregg, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Ruffalo.

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