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Drink (Nescafe) Decaf and Get a Chance to Win Trip to Asian Country

April 23, 2012

I love coffee more than I love alcohol. It is a fact; which is I think is good and I would like to think that drinking coffee would do me good than drinking alcohol. It was funny that the last time I went to a hotel bar for our last night out in Indonesia, I asked the waiter if they serve coffee. Unfortunately, they do not. My love for coffee probably was ignited when I worked as a barista in one of the famous coffee shops today. I made hot drinks and cold drinks, including that drink they call Frappuccino which we call the Ice Blended Drinks. I prepared lattes and cappuccinos, and I could pull a perfect shot of espresso. I love drinking coffee, even if there is no need for me to stay up. So sometimes, the caffeine no longer has that effect on me.

 Even during lunch or dinner, I and my friends crave for coffee.
Our meal during our day-trip in Macau

I always crave for the bitter, dark-roasted taste of coffee with that strong aroma. Whenever my friends and I would meet up late at night, we rather stay and talk in the coffee shop – and I usually order for decaffeinated coffee. But staying in a place called Manila where the nearest coffee shop is a drive away, the craving for a decaf coffee during late hours is a pain for me.. well, it WAS a pain for me. Thank you to Nescafe Decaf.

To know how to get a chance to win an Asian Trip, click Read More

I am sure you have seen this Nescafe product in supermarkets and groceries. It stands out with its blue packaging. And that blue pack of Nescafe Decaf might be your ticket to a summer get-away! Think of Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia!

How to join?

  1. Buy special Nescafe Decaf promo packs and scratch off the promo code.
  2. Like the Nescafe Decaf Summer Picks app on Facebook, register, and key in the promo code.
  3. Pick the travel prize you want to win: a trip to Hong Kong, Singapore or Malaysia.
  4. Attach your face onto the picture of your desired prize. You may upload or use the app webcam.

Weekly Prizes

Weekly winners of Sodexho GCs worth P2500 (40 winners)

Grand Prize

Trip for 4 to Singapore
Trip for 4 to Hong Kong
Trip for 4 to Malaysia

3D/2N for four (4) people, inclusive of airfare, accommodations, city tour, and pocket money.

Promo Duration

March 1 to May 31, 2012

Drink your decaf coffee now and pray to win the raffle. I might probably give-away some Nescafe Decaf too so keep on following my blog.

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