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Ready to Play Under the Sun

April 11, 2012

Sun, sea and sand.. Summer is coming.. Summer is here! I just came from a business trip in Indonesia (with fun-filled weekend activities) but I am now longing for another trip. What surprise me is that a lot don’t like the sun, and are hesitant to take the plunge and enjoy. I know it is not about the two-piece bikini, but ladies (and even gents) are afraid to get those red spots after long hours under the sun.
I, for one didn’t care much about sunblocks or sunscreens. I have to admit that I hated putting on sunblock every hour whenever I would be out under the sun. Plus, I hate the greasy feeling after putting it on. But after seeing fine lines and reading more about harmful effects of the sun – I have to include sunblock in my packing list.

And I worry – not! Sunplay, the number one sunblock /sunscreen in Japan, is now in the Philippines! For my dear readers, you can do more than just wear your two piece and pose for pictures – guys can do more than flex their muscles and display their abs. 😉

To know more about Sunplay sunblock, please click Read More..

SunPlay sunscreen / sunblock is the only sunblock that offers highest SPF of 130 and PA +++ available in the market today, giving maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays. It has a new revolutionary Watery Liquid Formulation which gives the users a non-greasy, non-sticky feel without leaving a white residue on your skin – something that I personally like since I have such oily skin.

It simply means I can do more – probably 130x more than what I can do –

Ride 4×4 ride in Ilocos Sand Dunes 
deadlier than a roller coaster!

Sand-board until I literally eat dust..

Swim with baby sharks (again) in Batangas!

Or just plain enjoy nature in Ilocos..

Wondering what Sunplay Sunblock are available in the market?

Sunplay Super Block SPF 130 PA+++ (Php399) 35g

  • Highest SPF and PA in the market, giving maximum protection.
  • Super sweat and waterproof formula for long hours outdoors and water activities.
  • Formulated for Asian skin.

Sunplay Watery Cool SPF65 PA+++ (Php349) 35g

  • Contains Menthol for a cool and refreshing sensation
  • Watery Liquid Formulation provides ultimate sun protection that’s weightless and non-greasy.
  • Highly water-resistant.
  • Ideal for sports and outdoor activities


Sunplay Water Clear SPF50 PA+++ (Php349) 35g
  • New Clear Watery Liquid formulation provides silky transparent sun protection that’s weightless and non-greasy.
  • High water-resistant.
  • Contains Aloe Vera Extract that keeps skin soft and supple.
  • For face and body.
  • Ideal for daily use.
Sunplay Powdery White SPF47 PA+++ (Php349) 35g
  • Whitening sunblock formulated with whitening properties to lighten dark spots and enhance skin fairness.
  • Enriched with Vitamin C and E to enhance skin health & prevent premature aging.
  • Highly water resistant.
  • For face and body.
  • Ideal for daily use.
Now, if you want to win a package of Sunplay products, go out and grab your camera – and join the Sunplay’s “Dare to Play” contest:
  1. Choose up to three photos of your daring activities under the sun!
  2. Email them to [email protected] together with the following details:
Name | Address | Telephone Number | Email
Subject line should be “Dare to Play with Sunplay Photo Contest” 
3. Write your caption using the required format:  (Activity + Place – I dared.) 
E.g.  Surfing at La Union – I dared! 
4. Check out your entries the next day at
5. Share and invite friends to LIKE your entries.

Most Liked Entry and the selected SUNPLAY’s Most Daring will each win a Summer Supply of Sunplay Products.

Promo period is from March 14 to April 25, 2012. Deadline of submission of entries is on April 20, 2012.

Winners will be announced on April 30, 2012.

Go, play under the sun!

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