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American Pie: The Reunion – Funny and Sexy Film with Values!

May 1, 2012

I am not sure what your age was when people started looking at an Apple Pie differently. I was in my freshmen year, and I have seen the film with my friends. I am talking about American Pie (who doesn’t know the film?). This is one film I can watch over and over, and I would laugh harder the same way the first time I have seen it. I have actually seen the other American Pie series – American Pie 2 and American Wedding.  The other spin-offs American Pie: Band Camp, American Pie: The Naked Mile, American Pie: Beta House, and American Pie: The Book of Love are also hilarious! After more than a decade, the High School kids who taught us lessons about love, friendship, and curiousity, and defined the term tongue tornado are back in the big screen for their High School Reunion.

I got the chance to watch the uncut version the other night in Gateway Cinema. Thank you to our friends from Solar Entertainment.

I love how the film tackles topics such as career, self-fulfillment, friendship, and (of course) sex for married couples (or the lack of it – and I honestly cannot relate for both topics). American Pie: The Reunion is not an American Pie movie without its signature ingredient – teenagers who are curious about sex, and desperate moves how to get some. The film also (slightly) presented realities such as gay and lesbian relationships. It is nice sitting in the movie theater seeing the original casts – Jason Biggs (Jim), Alyson Hannigan (Michelle), Chris Klein (Chris), Thomas Ian Nicholas (Kevin), Eddie Kaye Thomas (Paul), Tara Reid (Vicky), Seann William Scott (Stifler), Mena Suvari (Heather), Eugene Levy (Noah), and of course, Stifler’s mom played by Jennifer Coolidge (Jeannine), in the big screen – and finding out which characters have changed, who hasn’t and who has aged gracefully.

The movie started with trails of clothes – from shirts, underwear and bra scattered all over the floor, and bed banging – only to find Michelle rocking the bed and trying to make his son sleep. The prelude of the movie just shows how scenes would get more exciting and unexpectedly surprise the movie goers as the movie progresses. 

To read more about the movie, click Read More … I am warning you, there are spoilers!

The movie is a sure sex comedy film, but it is matured in a way it presented its characters and realities of life. Michelle and Jim’s sex life is not as that of x-rated film as most of their friends thought. I have the same perception to people who are married – that they can get it anytime, anywhere they want. But the movie showed that even couples who love each other dearly may not have the best life inside their bedrooms. And how would Jim say no to a sexy, 18-year old who is literally throwing herself to him?

The movie also showed that popularity and money do not equate with happiness. Oftentimes, it is doing what we are passionate about and being with the person we truly love would make us say that we are complete. This statement is best presented in Chris’ character. Something unfortunate must happen first before one learns this lesson. Take Finch – who pretended to be someone else and has gone far as “stealing” something just to impress his friends.

If there is a type of guy who girls would want to marry, it would be Kevin’s character. Faithful is such a strong word that not alot of macho man nowadays possess. Vicky (who I think has aged alot!) is just the sweetest ex-girlfiend.

Each character has a story to tell, and American Pie will not be complete without Stifler – with his pranks, jokes and moves. The guy who is struggling on his job but still know how to make fun. I think the climax of the story is during the reunion night and everyone has a partner except for Stifler. But guess whose mom was there that night to save him?

And talking about moms, don’t forget to watch the movie until the end of credits. Someone will tell you how great the movie is!

I love the movie as it is funny and sexy, yet with values. I just hope viewers would see more than the sexy bodies, bikinis and Jim’s precious thing! Oh yes, we have seen it. I am just not sure if they will release the uncut version on cinemas.

They sure did save the best piece for last! Catch the American Pie: The Reunion in cinemas tomorrow.

You may also read a review here from Juan Manila Express – and find out why he didn’t stand up to take a bio-break. Something that is hard to do if you are watching a sexy comedy film!

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