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Lander Personal Care BIG-Sized Products Launch at Mind Museum + Giveaway

May 23, 2012

With only a half hour of sleep coming from work and cold shower, I battled traffic from Manila to the Fort to celebrate Family Day with Lander Personal Care and mommy bloggers.

Thank you to Lander Personal Care for organizing this event, and to the Mind Museum for opening its doors for the whole family. As soon as I came inside the venue, I saw mommies and daddies with their kids, getting to know other families and enjoying the games. It is really a family affair. I wish I brought my mom so we could bond too, and I would be the “kid blogger”.

Fashion Blogger Sarah Tirona with her kid! Isn’t she both hot and cool? 

You might be wondering what was I doing in this family event? More than being gracious with the invitation, and the excitement of seeing (and experiencing) the Mind Museum, I wanted to get to know the brand – Lander Personal Care. I know I have encountered this brand a long time ago – I must have seen it in the grocery, but the thought that it is a US-based (with a US-sounding brand name) gives an intimidating image (which means pricey!).

Lander products come in different varieties and sizes!

To get to know the Lander Personal Care products, click Read More…

Look at my surprise when I finally saw some Lander Personal Care products and realized, I have been using the Lander Foot Scrub all the while!

I love using this!

The most interesting part is that Lander Personal Care believes in family ties and family bonding. Evident with how the event was organized – in the Mind Museum, with kids and hubbies joining and enjoying the event. Lander believes that when family shares, everyone feels nurtured, cared for and loved. Just like when sharing a family meal, this gives a chance to talk, catch up and be involved with each others lives.

Lander seized every opportunity to share. So they introduced products that promote sharing.

I think this would be beneficial for mommies or even “head of shopping committee” (like me). Buying products that can be shared would save us time and money. Example is the lotion, that I can use and be shared with my mom, or sister and even my niece. A prickly heat powder that can be used by my brother and my nephew. And my favorite, foot spa set which my mom, my sister and I can share. Can you picture how nice bonding experience it would be?

Having one big container that can be shared is good when traveling too! All you need to do is just put the bottle of lotion or handsoap in luggage, and there is no need to worry about specific family member’s lotion.

Don’t forget to wrap it in ziplock 😉

Maybe people are wondering (the same way I wondered), if the Lander formula would suit the Filipino needs and preferences. We know how US-branded products are – usually designed and formulated for the weather in the US. The good news is, the Lander Personal Care products have been reformulated to suit the Filipino families.

I personally love the Foot Spa set. I think this is the only brand which carries such set. Lander probably thinks that our feet is the most stressed part of our body, and thus, the Foot Spa set is born. I can’t wait to try the whole set!

I am excited to try this!

The Lander Family-sized Personal Care campaign advocates family togetherness. We know how busy each family member can be, and I am guilty of that. Most of the time, I only have time to talk and see my mom during weekends (if I am not sleeping). But with Lander Liquid Hand Soap (placed in the kitchen where she usually stays), I have more reasons to bond with her while washing my hands.

That BIG-sized bottle will stay there!

It was indeed a fun event, with a hearty meal from Cibo and such accommodating staff! I felt like we were in dining in the restaurant.

The Mind Museum is a perfect place to bond with family and kids while learning. I will be writing a separate blog post about the museum. But let me share some pictures.

Our friends enjoying the ride!
Trying to be “musically-included”!

 Lookie, I saw a Lander Hand Wash in the Mind Museum washroom! 

Amazing how products that we use everyday can make family stronger and tighter. Lander Family-sized Personal Care Campaign would like to extend the same to your household. There are two ways to receive gift packs from Lander Personal Care.

Lander Personal Care will launch its first ever Lander Love ng Pamilya Poll. Everyone is invited to join and get a chance to win Lander products and an all-expense paid family vacation.

Like the Lander Philippines Facebook Fanpage at for promo mechanics. The poll will run for 12 weeks from May 14 to August 3, 2012.

For my avid readers, you may also get a chance to win Lander Personal Care gift packs. Lander is generous enough to give-away 6 packs worth Php1,000 to 6 winners of my blog 😉

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The promo will run from May 24 to July 6, 2012.

Note: Winners must personally claim the prize at Unit 2E03 Building 5, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

See more of events pictures here.

Thank you to Lander Philippines for sponsoring this post. 

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