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The Pizza Story and 3M Pizza

May 17, 2012

Do you guys remember 3M Pizza? Who can forget the brand. Even before we hailed a “cab”, “shake” it like mad, and think of nipa “hut”, we think of 3M pizza if we want affordable pizza which is unpretentious and truly Filipino.

Last night, we had a New Hire Snack-out to welcome our new hires in the team. We are a team of around 60 plus members, and our management thought that it is important to make the new hires feel welcome and make them feel part of the team. Since our office is in the business district, expect that most of the eating places are expensive. We originally planned to go to this restaurant but it closes early, so plan B was to hold the “mini-event” in this pizza place. We had fun and I can say that it was a success. The new hires introduced themselves (again and again), and answered two questions they picked (like in Beauty Contests). I wish to upload pictures but I am too lazy to get my camera. Anyway, the bill was shared by all tenured members, and it was indeed expensive for a snack. Suddenly, I wished there were a 3M Pizza store near our office.

Hawaiian Pizza from 3M Pizza

To know more about 3M and the changes to its offerings, click Read More…

Let’s get cerebral.. Did you know that 3M Pizza has been around since 1969? With 44 outlets, it has been a household name, and I am guessing that everyone knows the brand – our parents, our aunts, our grandmas and grandpas, even your neighbors, and the mommy of the auntie of the friend of your helper.

According to the top honcho behind 3M, Noel Sun, the company plans to expand their pasta
and snacks line to supplement their spaghetti, lasagna and pizzadog. There’s going to be a Bicol Express Pizza! I have tasted the Pinakbet Pizza from Ilocos, and now I want to eat Bicol Express.

Interesting update – 3M will not just be a pizza parlor but will also serve pastas, salad, fried chicken, etc One form – transformation. But the brand promises that it would still has its Pilipino traditional taste that our elders know.

Now, I want to try 3M Pizza.. Who wants?

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