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A Thank You Note for My Mom

May 12, 2012

Do you always write notes to your mom? or send a message, or just say I Love You? I don’t. The last note I left for her was when I left the house, and I wrote that I was leaving early for work. Then of course, the note which was printed on the card together with the flowers I sent her last Valentine’s Day.

 I am just not sure if the text message I sent a few minutes before I flew to my assignment in Indonesia counts.. You see, I am not always cheesy with my messages to my mom.

Yes, she is still using an old phone and I know she wants a new smart phone 
so she can access my blog too 😉
“I am already in the plane. Waiting to fly. Take care.”

“Take a rest ma.”

This Mother’s Day, I thought of blogging about my appreciation of my mom. Mom will always be mom, and her love is the greatest of all the love in the world. It truly defines unconditional love. We heard about stories of mommies working abroad, sacrificing the distance just to provide for their family. I know mommy bloggers who work at home to stay with their kids, and earn extra money to help their hubbies. I read stories in newspapers of moms doing two jobs to give the best for their kids. And there are single moms who play the role of both mom and dad.

My mom may not have worked in another country and spoke a different language. She may not be a mommy blogger who attends events and knows celebrities, but she is also special. It is given that she has provided us good and delicious meals, clothed us literally (yes, she is a dressmaker!), and spent time with us and smiled with us whenever we will stood infront of stage to receive an award. She unknowingly taught us values by being an example to us; like showing us equality by treating me and my siblings fairly. But more than anything, it is the simple things that she does that makes her more special.

To get to know my mom, click Read More…

She knows the stuff that I use (and she knows the brands too!). Most importantly, she knows when I need it even without me telling her..
You ran out of shampoo and conditioner, and I already bought for you..
She is like an alarm clock, making sure I am always on schedule for work and my appointments (blog events, included!)
She needs to wake up at 5:30PM
Wake up!
Here is your coffee. Drink it now, it might get warm..
She treats me like a princess (which makes me more guilty), and she knows how I want things done..
I will do the laundry for you. I already bought fabric conditioner.
She cares about my health, but she knows how to spoil me sometimes..

I did the grocery and I bought you some snacks/chips.

Those are just little things that make her more special and make her the best mom for me. And here is the letter I wrote for her. It may not make your eyes watery. Making my mom cry is not the intent, I want her to be happy, and laugh, and smile when she reads this. She actually has a different humor too. I just saw this hand sanitizer in my bag, and I remember how my mom gave this to me. She said she has a gift for me, then handed this sanitizer which she got from a pack of soap (Safeguard), for free.

She’s a typical mom who gives and brings home small stuff or pasalubong for her kids. Things as simple as my favorite local chip. She simply reminds us that it really the thought that counts.

I created a video to show my original letter, but I have written the same below. I wrote it in English because I know my mom wants to practice her language skills.

Dear Nanay, 

I honestly don’t know how to start this letter.. I never grew up writing you letters, and even saying “I LOVE YOU”, which makes me wonder if you know that I do.

I grew up giving you headaches and heartaches. At one point in our lives, I had been very rebellious. I went out on night-outs when I was in High School, I broke your heart when you found out I dated this certain guy, and I am still giving you more worries and a lot of sleepless nights even after I started working. I know you hate me for choosing this career. But you are proud of the work that I do. And I am glad that I am always safe and doing good – that is because I know that you pray for my safety too.

I just want to thank you for the things that you do to me.

Thank you for preparing my daily meal and baon that I feel like I am still a child from kindergarten. My coworkers are envious of me every time I will open my lunch box, and the aroma of your love will fill the office.

Thank you for clothing us (LITERALLY!). I never realized how your talent for putting together patterns and sewing clothes can help elevate our lives. When I was younger, I got tired of wearing the dresses that you made, (because I wanted to wear an RTW!). But now, you know how much I love modelling your creations. Thank you for making fashionable dresses that I wear in church, in the office and during events. I am tall but I feel taller and prouder whenever people would be surprised to find out that my clothes are your own creation. I know you want a daughter who knows how to sew too. I promise to find time to learn your craft and continue your legacy.

Thank you for supporting and believing in what I do. Thank you for being proud of my career, and for supporting my blogging.. Your interest in knowing the terms such as BLOG and BLOGGER is enough to show that you support me, even if you don’t get to visit and read my blog entries. Thank you for loving my employer too. Your attitude inspires me to do better in my job and live the values I learned from you.

Thank you for the support. You are proud but you always show humility.

People always mistaken you as a teacher, but even if you are not carrying an Education Degree, the degree of your love shines through your kids.

Thank you for the little things that you do for me. Thank you for preparing my coffee when I wake up, for accompanying me to my dentist and my derma – even if it means missing your favorite TV show.

I wish I could give you the one thing that will make you the happiest – grandchildren. But it’s you who taught me values, so I will just stay with you and forever be your kid – until my prince invites me to his castle. It breaks my heart that my nieces and nephew are far from us, so allow me to give you the things that you deserve.

Please take care of your health – because I am looking forward to more out-of-the-country trips, buffet and food trips, movie dates, facial sessions and bonding moments with you.

I don’t always say it often, but I love you, and I am so blessed to be serving God with you.

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Love, Bunso Mo,

Words are really not enough to express my feelings. I chose not to publish a picture of her because I know she wants to keep her privacy. The cartoon above best represents her – she is cuddly, and a supermom! I want to end this post with the message I recorded through Talking Tom. My mom loves Talking Tom too! I remember the first time I showed her the application, we were laughing so hard and we were playing with it like little girls.
Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mommas in the world!

If you have Mother’s Day messages to your mom, you can send them in Thank You Mom, Application. Show your love for your mom – no matter what is her profession, being a mom is (what they say), greatest job in the world!

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