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What’s Up With Me and (Nescafe & South Bark) Contest Winners!

May 24, 2012

Don’t hate me. And I know the image below doesn’t match the title. I just became so busy with work and all other commitments. I started “working” and I mean handling assignees who are sent to different parts of the globe to do business. Imagine how challenging it is. Then, Philippine Fashion Week this week (and I don’t have anything to wear yet.. I thought of not going to some shows), and I have a pictorial on Saturday (I will probably blog about this once finsihed). Then I am given an opportunity to work with the team I so wanted to be part of! I am also excited for the New Kids On the Block concert! And of course, I am going to be a “judge”. Not for the beauty contest. But I cannot talk much about it yet. The point is, I have the power to change people’s lives – who will then be given the chance to touch somebody else’s life. How cool is that?

Gorgeous Men!

I don’t even have time to attend events, and even go to the mall, or even spend time with my friends (guilty mode). I have a friend getting married next month, and I am surprised that my super friend is going to Guam tomorrow! (for vacation only)

Oh and by the way, I just had my hair permed. Not the same “waves” that I wanted. But I like it!

Anyway, enough of the talk. I just thought I need to share what’s keeping me busy. So here are the winners –

Nescafe Decaf Comment Contest

Congratulations to Noria Adam-Lim!

I chose one winner based on the comments and Noria’s comment brought me to the scene that she described! Plus, I never had coffee with kahlua on a normal day.. that is something I should try. Her post awakened my senses and at the same time relaxes me.

Then, of course, I picked one winner randomly from all the comments.

Congratulations to Jonniel Yao!

South Bark Pet Lovers Giveaway


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Joanne Maryrose Sierra Olaes
Dog Gift Set Winner

Mary Ann Sanchez Cueto
Cat Gift Set Winner

Thank you again to everyone who joined the contests!
 For the winners, please send your name, address and contact number to[at]gmail[dot]com.
Not feeling lucky today? I have new contest coming up on my next post! Stay tuned!

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