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Wishing for Genie, Fairy Godmother & Santa Claus: A Wishlist

May 21, 2012

I love shopping and online shopping (click the link to see some of my purchases). It is a fact that you can include in my profile in Wikipedia (that is, if there is anyone who would bother to care and create one for me).

I have been shopping way before when sellers would post their items/advertisements in forum, upload the pictures of their items in PictureTrail, and the only way to pay for the item is to meet-up. There was no shopping platform back then. But I have been transacting online and doing online window shopping of nice items from US online stores (wishing that we will also have online shops here in Manila).

The law of supply and demand kicked in. I am just glad! I have witnessed more and more online stores launching to my delight. And I cannot miss this new site called Zalora which houses a lot of interesting products – both imported and local brands – from fashionable pieces to household stuff and pet goods!

Too bad I missed the Zalora launching, but my friends were able to go and I know everyone was talking about the new site.

Now, I promised myself that I will lessen my online transactions, but how can I NOT browse through the site? It is so easy to navigate. There is an option to select by brand, by type, by size and even by price. Items are cleverly categorized, showing how many available items are there in the category. There is even an online support, and my favorite section – SALE!

What really got me is that they offer same day delivery! Their Facebook and Twitter accounts are active too, which means that it would be easy for me to raise any concerns regarding my transaction (if there is any). No more nightmares dealing with sellers who refuse to accept exchanges and returns! Yey! Zalora offers 30-day return policy! (another yey!).

I wish Genie, Fairy Godmother and Santa Claus were real so I can send them a wish – actually a wishlist of the things I want from Zalora. But thank God for Nuffnang is real, and I got a chance to get my wish granted..

What is in my list?

1. Nike Free Waffle AZ Leather

I thought I got gazillion shoes that another pair of pumps, stiletto, and heeled shoes would be too much an addition. I jumped straight to the Athletics section. I wanted to be fit and start getting “physical”. So this shoes goes to my wishlist.

I need to invest on sports wear and forget plunging necklines,
mini skirts, and body hugging clothes.

2. Plueys Boots

We can say goodbye to summer days, and as a commuter, I also hate rainy days. I need something to wear when battling traffic, rain and flood – and it should be fashionable and stylish. Thanks to Plueys! I love that it also got my size! People with big size can relate to me.

This is my first time using Polyvore
Never realized how hard it is to create an ensemble!

3. Happy Days – George T-Shirt

If I would be lucky to get this wish granted, I want to share it with my family. I jumped to the Men’s section and checked what to order for my dad. I found the perfect shirt. George Harrison inspired t-shirt! My dad is crazy about Beatles, and I grew up listening to every song of the greatest boyband. I am surprised to find out that this shirt costs less than PHp500! Online shopping is not just for women!

Ok, I have to create a Beatles template just for this 😉

4. Barbie Fancy Dress

Of course, I want to include something for my mom too. But knowing her, she would rather give anything to her grandchildren. Thinking of my nieces, I thought of my 6-year old niece who just loves fashion – and I remember that she asked her dad to buy her a purple bra! (can you believe that?). I am not buying her one, but I found this cute Barbie Dress too adorable for her.

How fun it is to be kids again!

I like that there is a kid’s section in Zalora. My friends are mostly married with kids and I find it hard to find gifts for kids’ birthdays. Now I have Zalora to go to for last minute shopping for gifts.

5. Umbra Mosh Wall

I wanted something to be shared with everyone in the house – so I choose this Umbra Picture Frame. I love taking pictures and having my pic taken. We love going places and discovering things. I want this picture frame to tell stories. So it goes in my list.

I can’t wait to see that Umbra Mosh Wall hanging on our wall!

I love house accessories and anything for the kitchen and house! This is the first section I go to whenever we go to the mall or supermarket. Glad that Zalora also has a section for Home and Living. I got more and more friends getting married each year, and more than being worried about what to wear, I also worry about what gift to give. Good thing that Zalora has this section, and does ship within the same day.

So here’s what is in my wishlist, so far – and the prices.

There are just so many fun and interesting items in the site, and I can forever wish for each. I can probably wait for a meteor shower, or a comet to make a wish.

Anyway, if you want to check out the site, visit Register and you can get Php250 discount voucher on your next online purchase.

As for me, I need to get back to reality. Wake me up if I win!

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