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Sore. Disabled. Trophy. Mobilympics.

June 27, 2012

I was feeling sore and “disabled” for two days. This is after I rolled and rumbled with the boys and girls of our team. We hugged, touched, almost kissed, and kissed each other’s butts (no joke!). That’s how we love each other. And before you think I am engaging into something too .. (Parental Guidance please).. I have to say now that we had our team building last Sunday.

It was not the usual team building, or retreat – which most of the participants cry, or open up their deepest feelings to each other (love/affection or otherwise). It is more of a sports fest – a competition! We call it Mobilympics (from Mobility – which is what our team is called).

To know more about the what I did last Sunday, and why my body is aching, click Read More

Let me tell you first about the work that I do. We help and assist assignees (expats) and employees in their relocation to another country. So, we help them secure their Visa, work permit, ship their goods, their pets (horses, not included!), authorize vendors to help them secure new houses, get their kids to school, and the most important thing, ensure their allowances are delivered monthly. It sounds easy, but it is challenging, especially if you are dealing with 50 assignees (some are executives), with different concerns and requests. We also have a team which handles their taxes, payment of vendors, and other processes. So anyway, that’s our team, and we went out together last Sunday and had a lot of fun!

During a New Hire Lunch Out
We wanted our new hires to feel they are welcome! 😉

The “game” started last month, we were grouped into 6 different colors and the first task is – Wear Your Team Color! One Friday, we were asked to wear our team color and each colored piece would count one, and the team with most number of colored item worn would be given the highest point.

I am from Blue Team, and unfortunately that Friday, there were alot of us who were on leave. So we were at the bottom of the ranking.

The week before the original date of Mobilympics, there were pop quizzes sent to our inbox by the Quiz Master. Most of the questions test one’s knowledge of pop culture and entertainment industry (my favorite!). Some questions would even require you to go out and do some math (e.g. how many lines are there in the pedestrian lane infront of TGIFridays?).

We ranked high on the quiz, I think. Everyone was so hyped and excited about the Mobilympics originally scheduled on June 3. There were only 2 out of around 70 members of the team who didn’t confirm. I was not very into it, because I was more excited about the NKOTBSB concert. When I received a text message the night of June 2nd informing me that the Mobilympics is postponed for safety reasons, I felt like a grade school kid once again hearing a class suspension because of typhoon! Yebah!

So we were back into our daily routine after June 3rd (while I was so into NKOTBSB concert, dancing and singing every possible chance in the office!). We thought that Mobilympics would not push through. We then set it to June 23rd. There were no teasers, no quizzes, no updates because we were all busy. Business as usual.

I was feeling even more reluctant to go because I had a party to attend the night before, and a dentist schedule on Sunday. Then, another pop quiz suddenly came into our inbox, and a call for Amazing Race! Because there were less and less people confirming their attendance because of other commitments, the teams had merged. So we joined forces with Green.

I joined the Amazing Race just to support the team because I had already decided that I was not going. So morning of Saturday, I was one of the screaming/running people in Eastwood looking for clues at the basement parking, reading a prayer in the church, talking to the guard in the La Fayette 1, looking for Isko Moreno’s Walk of Fame tile, and dancing in Dell’s to the tune of “Teach Me How to Dougie“.

We landed second placer – that is because we took our sweet time walking from the church to La Fayette, and even enjoyed the dance too much. The difference was only 15 seconds! But I bet that we were smarter and quicker to know the clues!

I was tired. Really tired. I decided to not go especially that the call time is 6AM. And since there was an extra point for the Early Bird (team which came complete), all of the 3 teams decided on 5AM call time.

But Saturday afternoon, I had to attend to an emergency, and totally missed the Kroketten event and Big Fish White Party. What was I to do? I didn’t want to miss another event.

So in the morning of Sunday, I found myself in Blue Shirt, shorts, and I was ready to battle.. The original Green Team bought Blue shirts, and green cloth which we used as scarves (yes, we are competitive team, and uniform does count!).

Don’t we look like Muse and Escort?! 🙂

I would like you to meet some of the Blue-Green Team
My super friend Jeiz (performance level!)
Waldo (he’s the strongest in the team.. physically)

Daryl (he’s good at strategy!)

Angeli (Ms. Maganda)

Lei (The Teacher Jorcel!)

(that someone who you don’t want to be your competitor)

Carmi (she’s pregnant but still competitive!)
And here are the team pictures I took in the bus..
Yes, It’s More Fun in Mobility.
Something we copy from the DOT campaign. 
We want to show that even if we have such challenging work,
we know how to have fun!
Red and Yellow Team
Purple and Orange
And of course, Blue-Green Team!
So after an hour and a few banters in the bus, we reached Boso Boso Highlands. We didn’t even finish the Men in Black 3 movie. We had to walk and smell some fresh air. 
And here are the rest of the Blue-Green Team
Pau (the dancer! she does know how to break dance! wow!)
Of course you know, MrJimboy..

Ralph (you might have seen him on pages of magazines!)

Now time to walk..
You like my bag? That’s Johnny Walker Racing Bag
It was not the first year the team hold the Mobilympics, two years ago, in the same place, the team also had so much fun getting to know each other, and literally, getting down and dirty. Before the official game starts, time for Cheer Dance!

We originally had a cheer for Blue Team, but when the teams combined, we decided to combine our cheers too. It was fun watching our performance. To think that we practiced the same morning! I would post the video once I get the consent of all team members. 😉
Now for the games.. I will just show you the pictures.. 

The Facilitators 
Transfer the Plate Game

Dancing Log
The hardest of all games! 
I thought, we can just have our picture taken..

Trust Fall Facilitators

So during the entire game, I was praying hard. Even if it was not yet my turn to fall.. I was thinking that’s 10 other lives in my hands. During my turn, my friend kept on telling me that I can do it. Because I even did the Free Fall thingy in Subic Tree Top Adventure. Thank God, all of us were safe! and we got the highest score for this game! 
Group Jump Rope 
This was after the game..

and a (supposedly!) jump shot

The Flying Carpet

The Mud Slide
Best game! Haha

Ok, it was my fault the human ladder slid..

It was hot, hot, hot.. A splash of water was nice!
Tallest Tower 
and those were mouse traps! Ouch!

The Flags
Yes, we even got flags! We love competition so much!
And the winner for Best Flag is..
Red and Yellow! Love it!

And this is just a pic with the bus.
We rented a bus and it felt like grade school on a field trip!

Now, wondering who is the winner?
Oh yeah, we won!
Best in Cheer Dance and Over-all Champ!
The pose is inspired from the line..
“Trophy.. trophy.. trophy.. It’s the Blue Green’s world..”
I got the inspiration from Mama Mia
The team was supposed to remove that part
because they thought I was not coming. 
But yeah, I love singing and dancing it! Like a thriller!

So for two, actually three days, I was nursing some muscle strain. I am not that physically active. Blame the sedentary activities. I am glad that my manager allowed me to work from home. So, I think tomorrow, I am back in the real world especially that I have an event to attend later.
Thank you again to the facilitators, to organizers (Jim and Marchella, you guys are amazing! I don’t know how you manage to organize this despite work load), to Mai (you are the best! Thank you for bringing our food – two piece chicken Jollibee! Feels like children’s party!), and to everyone who made Mobilympics alot of fun! Thank you to Cathy, and to the Spring of Life Adventure Campsite staff.

And thank you to Jaicel Ann (and Carmi too!) for the wonderful shots!

How’s your company sports fest? team building?

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