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Easy Photo Contest from Easy Pha-Max (until July 30th Only!)

July 15, 2012

Five years ago, I was feeling my best. I could wear anything I want without the fear of having that bulge. The clothes just hang nicely in my body, and I felt health

But now, I have to worry about my angle everytime my pic will be taken. I have to think how many calories I take everytime I eat ice cream, or eat a yummy burger. It is not just about maintaining a figure, but maintaining a healthy body.

I guess it does come with age.

What can I do to maintain “the figure”? It is hard especially if you get invited to events, sometimes food events. It is more difficult to be working in a office situated  industrial park surrounded with good restaurants. It is crazy if you have a mom who cooks the best food you would ever tasted.

I can do work-outs, but I am as lazy as a grasshopper. The most I can do is to eat cleansing and detoxifying food. So I eat alot of high-fiber fruits like pineapple and avocado. HOWEVER, these may not always be available in the fridge. Or even in the market.

Then there is Easy Pha-Max. A high-fiber cleansing drink rich with anti-oxidants. I”ve been seeing a lot of posters, and ads about this product; and the desperate person that I am, wants to try this drink.

Five years ago, EPPI started. Now, EPPI turns 5 this July and is still the No. 1 Wheatgrass Brand in the Country, 5 years of keeping Filipinos young, sexy, healthy, and active.
To know more about the contest, click Read More.. <

That’s Alodia and Ashley Gosengfiao, celebrity cosplayers. Now we know their secret for keeping that body that fit in every costume.


Then, of course, there is Dyan Castellejo and Jocelyn Oxlade. Who wouldn’t be envious of those lean, active and healthy bodies?

Do you also want to be like them? You may want to join the Easy Pha-Max Sexy, Healthy, Young and Active Photo Contest.

I wonder what is the special prize! The contest is open until July 30th! 

Have you tried the Easy Pha-Max? Share your stories. I need inspiration.

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