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Great Buys of the Week: From the Great Northern Sale

July 15, 2012

When I was a kid, the term SM City excites me like Disneyland. It was one of the best places to shop, dine, watch movie and enjoy. Does anyone remember the SM City TV ad? I was trying to dig videos on but it seems that no one has a copy to share with netizens. Anyway, I remember some few lines..

Movies.. (on TV: people in movie theater wearing 3D glasses, and then a motorcycle pops out from screen.. ala Sadako of The Ring!). 

Here at SM. Here at SM. We got it all for you! 

It’s waiting for you. 

LOL. I cannot believe I am singing it! 
Anyway, after so many years, and new malls around the metro, I have totally forgotten about SM City. It was even called SM West, or SM North. I knew it as SM City. Then, there is SM The Block and SM Annex. It is confusing, but again, it is just SM City for me. Sometimes I go there to attend events, or meet friends, or just buy something (when it is convenient).
Yesterday, I found myself in SM with busy, excited crowd (from I bet different parts of Metro). Every force headed to the North. It is the Great Northern Sale, don’t you remember? It is happening only until today, July 15th!

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I found myself inside the SM Department Store, and all the stuff on display were talking to me. Buy Me! Buy Me! They were screaming at me, with those cards and banners screaming Buy 1, Take 1, and 50% off!

I love SM, because I grew up knowing SM. Sometimes I see it as a convenience store, especially it is expanding and there is now one near my place. I buy stuff in SM from clothes, toiletries, grocery items (especially I hate going to the wet market), and even gadgets. It is also one of our favorite meeting places. Tehehehe. 
I checked all floors – from kiddie stuff, to shoes, bags, accessories and even beauty products. I skipped the appliance and home center. It is my favorite section in the department store. However, since I got my big bag and think pad with me, I was thinking, it might be hard for me to buy something big to bring home. I could only accommodate a few shopping bags. 
I took some papparazzi shots to share with you. I was afraid that the guard and sales people would send me out of the mall for taking pictures. 
Bags at Buy One, Take One

 Fashionable shirts at 30% off up to 50% off!
Most of the items are discounted. 
Accessories at 10% to 20% off
I was planning to buy perfume. But the two brands I love are 
both out-of-stocks. DKNY Be Delicious & Kenzo at 10% off. 
Other perfumes are on sale. One sales man offering me 
Ferragamo at Buy One, Take One. 
But I can’t just wear any scent. 

Sweet Beauty Products at discounted prices!

Oh wow, can you see that? Bra at Php100 each!

This is where I spent most of my time. I was looking for a nice
shorts ala- half slip.

But mostly saw these types. Something to wear to add 
a little toshie-wooshie. I don’t think I need it. 🙂

I also checked out the retail stores outside SM Department Store, and imagine my excitement when I saw that Terranova is on sale! I always love Terranova, even before they re-opened the stores here (check out my coverage about the Terranova Store Opening in MOA with Lauren Uy). I always get best buys from Terranova – check out some here.

Again, I did paparazzi shots.

Oh, that’s not me, that’s a mannequin 😉

Beatles shirt at Php595!

I had totally forgotten about Forever 21, because I know most of the girls would be heading there. I found my sweet time strolling around Terranova, picking some stuff, and trying to control myself. I want to get everything. Imagine graphic shirts at Php295 to Php595. Colored jeans (yes, colored jeans!) at Php595. Tank tops at Php145 and dresses at Php1,000 (or cheaper).

Now, I would take you inside the dressing room to show what I got. This is the first time I am doing this (post pics of myself in the dressing room), so have mercy on me. 😉 There were a few readers asking me to post pictures of the stuff I bought when worn.. So here they are:

The shirt is just perfect for bloggers! Keep reading to know why..
and I love the colored pants! I want to buy all the yummy colors! 
There’s blue, purple, khaki and even white!
Yeah, been wanting to buy a dress like this (saw alot from Forever 21 online).
BUT, I am not certain if they will fit well, and then I saw this! 
I usually have plain or black mini-dresses so it would be nice to have something
fun and flirty like this..
Less than Php500! 

Yeah, I like those fringe! I was able to buy one from Forever 21 online
and wore it during the NKOTBSB Manila concert (as if I watch a rock concert!)
This tee is a keeper. Php295. Can you believe that?!

A few more strolling.. I found these kids having their pics taken in the web created for SpiderMan! If you don’t want to go shopping, you can watch movies..

Found out there is an event happening that day. 
The Cabal Gaming Anniversary.
Most of the attendees were wearing black. I thought it was 
a rocker-metalheads gathering.

 Do you want a Gourmet Card? You can register at the second level of 
The Block from July 12 to 15. Then use it for discounts in partner merchants
from July 13 to August 15. You get like upsize, discounts, or free food.

Now, what did I get to bring home?

Let’s unwrap, unbox, or whatever you want to call it!

I got these lovely flats from So Fab! I super loove So Fab!
This costs only Php299! I was itching to buy the heeled shoes, but I still
have some shoes (So Fab!) waiting to be worn and be torn. 

This is such an intriguing brand that shouts Natural!
I need a nice smelling lotion and this ONE doesn’t disappoint me.
It has this cute recycled box, and packed like a toothpaste.
I love its scent (I was thinking if I should get the Vanilla-Almond)
but the MOVIE STAR fits me perfectly 😉

I only wanted to buy shorts/boy shorts to wear especially 
when I am wearing dress/skirts. This one works as 
tummy concealer too! I think I need it too!

Oh yeah, I got the dainty floral dress, the white tank with fringe, 
yummy colored pants, and this cute tee perfect for (fashion) bloggers 
(all from Terranova)!

So what are your best buys from The Great Northern Sale? You still have 12 hours to go to SM City (as I lovingly call it), and do a little shopping. Let me know what you got!

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