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A (Playboy) Sunglasses Story & Designer Sunglasses SMART Promo

July 9, 2012

I will tell you a story about my Playboy Sunglasses. This is really touching, and it is worthy of being re-shared in Facebook (like those stories of a lost wallet, and a hero dog. Tehehe). I know the term Playboy may not be associated with an adjective touching.. (or maybe, yes). Anyway..

I will just gonna make it short, so I won’t bore you. Sometime last year, we went to Subic with friends and tried the Tree Top Adventure. One of the rides that I tried is the Silver Surfer, and because this ride will suspend you high on the air, I was worried that I will drop my stuff so I asked my friend to keep my Playboy Sunglasses. 

We rode different rides, had fun, and went back home to Manila. I got worried that I lost my Playboy Sunglasses. I find it really special because, (I thought), it was limited edition and I got it from Ebay.. I haven’t seen this being sold in the market here, so I asked my friend if he got it. 

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He told me, yes, it was kept in his pocket and he had it. I was relieved. 

We didn’t get to see each other for a month. His mom was visiting Manila that time, so I asked if it is possible for me to buy stuff online, and if she could just bring them from US to Manila. Being the nice family that they are, she said yes. When my friend and I finally met up, and he got my US goods, he said that he had a surprise for me. He said that he didn’t know how to tell me. 

I was shocked when I found a package delivered Priority Mail. When I opened, it is another pair of Playboy Sunglasses. He told me that when he kept my sunglasses in his pocket, he sat on it and broke it. He couldn’t tell me. So he searched through Amazon for the same exact pair and requested for Priority Mail so his mom could get it on time before she left to Manila. 

I was touched, and was surprised with the money that he paid just to replace it. I mean, I would never ask for a replacement (yeah, probably I would.. ) but I would not let him be in the trouble of finding the exact pair and spending that much for a pair of sunglasses. 

I know, it is nice to have good friends. It happened last year, and it was only last month that I got to wear the new pair that he gave me. 

I know how expensive sunglasses can be. Now, since we’re talking about sunglasses, I want to share this. You can be a real movie-star with designer sunglasses. 

Over-sized Paparrazzi-proof Sunglasses from YVes Saint Laurent

Girly Glam with Pastel Pink Frame from Juicy Couture

A fashion royalty staple from Juicy Couture

White Hot Armani Exchange Shades

From June 1 to August 31, SMART Rewards, marks down designer sunglasses like Yves Saint Lauren, Armani Exchange and Juicy Couture eyewear worth Php6,000 and up for its mobile subscribers. That’s for both prepaid and postpaid. 

To avail of the reward, subscribers must register to SMART Rewards by sending REWARDS EYEWEAR (bday in mmddyy), (gender in M/F), (marital status in S/M) to 9800.

The following branches make up the list of SMART Wireless Centers participating in the promo: Smart Tower, Rockwell, Robinson’s Place Ermita, SM Megamall, The Podium, Araneta Gateway Mall, SM Fareview, SM North Edsa, Cash & Carry Makati, PLDT RCB Makati, Ali Mall, SM Clark, SM Pampanga, Nepo Mall Angeles, SM Cebu, Metro Ayala, PLDT Jones Cebu, SM Davao and Davao Ponciano. 

The offer is also valid in selected The Optical Shop outlets and SPEX outlets nationwide.

What kind of sunglasses do you wear? Any interesting sunglasses story?

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