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A (Surprise) Visit & Gift (Cheese Top Burger) from KFC

July 5, 2012

It was a peaceful Sunday for me last weekend. Peaceful because I got to stay at home, watch TV, and just relax (because I chose not to go out, attend events, work from home, or even blog.. I am just too lazy). I was enjoying a show on TV, when my dad suddenly told me there was someone looking for me. And he brought me this..

I went out, and I was looking so unpresentable with my ratty shirts and shorts. Oh hello, the guy introduced himself as the Marketing Manager of KFC. (I know KFC will be sending something, but I was just expecting the usual delivery guy). He was wearing a smile despite the hot weather.  I was just glad my dad didn’t send him home (or back to the KFC headquarters), he’s (dad) a little fierce about guys thinking I were still a little girl. My dad was actually so nice to even shared with him that my brother used to work for KFC. 

Want to know what’s inside the box? Click Read More..

You want to know what’s inside the box? It’s the New KFC Cheese Top Burger!

KFC always come up with really cool food innovations. I honestly love the Zinger and Double Down! Although they equate to alot of cholesterol. Oftentimes, I don’t care. We only live once, and I don’t eat fastfood everyday, anyway.

Now about the new burger, you might be wondering why KFC would even put the cheese on top? Are the stores crew too lazy to put it on top of the patty, or they are just plain forgetful about the standards of making a burger? 

Well.. it appears that cheese melts when placed on top of chicken patty – so it is alot messier to eat (especially in cinemas! Ha!). When I first took a bite, it reminds me of Eggs Benedict! It’s probably the cheese on top, and the chicken burger (which reminds me of turkey slice!). I like that it is not messy to eat. It is as if I were eating a pizza, a burger, and an Eggs Benedict! 

Of course it is made of Original Chicken Patty – with that secret 11 spices! So it is not spicy, plus the Garlic Parmesan Dressing is just perfect. It gives a different bite, and a break from the usual mayonnaise dressing of the usual burgers. 
I am sure KFC is aware that one burger is not that satisfying.. so they sent me two (which I shared with my mom). 
When I checked out the KFC Facebook Fanpage, I found out it only costs Php50 with a drink. Now, that’s cheap!

Thank you KFC for letting me one of the firsts to try the New KFC Cheese Top Burger!
Have you tried the new KFC Cheese Top Burger? Tell me what you think, or let KFC Philippines know what you think, by tweeting @KFCPhilippines and using hashtag #KFCCheeseTop.

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