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This Post is All About Scrapbooking

July 6, 2012

Last Saturday, I was reunited with my old love. Scarpbooking! Thank you to All About Scrapbooking!

Who cares about the rain, and who cares if I came from 12-hour work schedule? It is as if I will be meeting a High School crush, I was early in the venue and it feels like Wonderland seeing some projects on display. 

Click Read More to see pictures of my project..

I always love scrapbooking. My first project was a gift to a High School sweetheart, then I just made a few more for the people who are so dear to me. Nice and scented printed paper excites me, and old magazines with interesting prints, and texts goes to my project box. I really took the word “scrap” literally – and it includes even tickets, and candy wrappers. 

I had fallen out of love from scrapbooking when I had my first job, and when our house burnt down. I remember, I already started collecting my pictures from baby pictures until such time I was working. I already made cut outs of cute images I wanted to use. My favorite were the graphics from Cosmopolitan Magazine. I was already planning to start on my project, but fate took them away – transformed the materials and my passion into ashes. After the unfortunate event (and probably because of lack of time), I decided to go digital.

And with a scrapbooking attached to it, I also tried Digital Scrapbooking – and although it is convenient, neat, and offers limitless options, I still missed handling a pair of scissors, and having my fingers sticky with glue.

I am just that inloved with anything that involves craftsy things. Do you guys remember your High School project? Noli Me Tangere, Ibong Adarna and El Filibusterismo? In our school, we are asked to keep a notebook where we draw scenes from each chapter of the book, and write a summary. I remember enjoying this project so much. That I even burnt sides of construction paper where I drew my “scenes”. It was one of the first things I grab everytime there is a fire false alarm.

Anyway, so come Saturday, we were asked to bring pictures and scissors. Since I no longer print pictures and just store everything in my drive, I decided to print some pictures taken during my Corporate Service Corp in Indonesia. It is one memory that I always love to think about. If there is one experience that I want to work on and beautifully preserve, it it that experience. I have thousands of pictures (plus the pictures taken by the other team), but I just chose some funny, interesting pictures to print.

So let’s start with the projects.. but first a little introduction about the brand. Can I just say that I loooove everything about the brands that Filstar Distribution Corp. carry? I am so loving the very cosmopolitan cards from Hallmark! Like these..

First, we were taught how to make a pen holder. It sounds complicated.. but it is easy. Unless you didn’t have sleep the other night.

I made a big mistake! This was too funny! I was not supposed to peel off everything! Glad that the All About Scrapbooking staff is so hip and friendy (and patient!).

Yes, we literally used our pen holder that afternoon.
Bloggers are soo competitive. My creative juices were not flowing just yet.. I wanted to create something girly.. I want hearts and kisses all over. But time was out. So I only produced this humble pen holder. 

Now let’s go to the Scrapbook. When they showed us the project, we were surprised, and thought we wouldn’t be able to do it. But with proper guidance, and “focus”, we were able to follow, and even created our own versions. 

We got so into it, that we never realized it was already dark outside. We were given the chance to take it home and finish our projects, and just be creative. 

I learned new techniques in scrapbooking.. Destressing!

Before we left, we visited the showroom, and I want to bring home all the stuff. Can’t they have 60- seconds-grab-all-the-things-you-want contest?

You see, they have everything you need for all your projects!

It was perfect that I brought and printed wacky pictures of us – we call it Monster Shots. The project has a theme of Circus, and it would be perfect to put our monster faces in the frames to look like we were wild animals.

I enjoyed working on it, and I tried to finish it as soon as possible because I wanted to share it with my CSC Team.

I want to be consistent with the theme.. the cover looks as if it is a facade of a circus show. Our picture is posted like we were on stage – as if we were international artists who will be performing. Isn’t it cool that we even came from different parts of the world?

I even make use of some faux pearls I have (I am also into beading)! The roof was originally orange, but I changed it into colored ones because it was folded during my commute home last Saturday.

Once you opened it, the real show will start.. Tadah!!

We look like wild animals I know..

The picture was actually taken during our friends’ birthday – Vivek and Jessica!

I like this part as if we were stepping out of the frame. You see, I don’t want the traditional presentation, I added a little twist. 


On this side, I want to show make use of the photos I printed and create a story.. So I decided on showing that the Carnival Show is really fun because of ..

Dancing Monkeys, A Chance for a Meet & Greet, and Big Top Security

But the real caption was hidden on those colored paper. The pictures were taken during 
1. A night at the club, I taught them Filipino Dance
2. Visit to the Juvenile Center
3. Visit to the Country Manager office where we played security guards!

On this side, I used it as pocket for souvenirs. The picture below has names of the country 
where we came from. I cut if out from a press release I got from one of the events I attended. 
I am still missing Mexico and US though..

I  added a plastic to store/protect the bill I kept as souvenir.

Then I have a souvenir leaf..

And some more pictures..

 In the secret pockets – are more pictures of me and my friends! Vivek and I looks like we were looking at the fun times we had then..

Sabine and I after the welcome dinner, and my partner Cheryl & I in a local fish market.
I wanted to create an effect that the photo was fastened. I just make use of the 
available buttons..

On the other side, I posted more serious pictures..
Like this visit to the Mayor’s office

And our Closing Event

And if you think it is all done.. Lookie, I have a little secret tucked in there!
One more monster shot!

Lookie, I quickly shared it with my CSC friends, and they love it!

I hope you enjoyed my project. It looks like I would be making a lot more since All About Scrapbooking and Filstar gave me these fab materials..

All About Scrapbooking is distributed by Filstar Distribution Corporation. It also handles Hallmark, Disney Art Attack, Bic, and Celebration Balloons.

I will be posting more pictures in my Fanpage:

For now, let me know what your thoughts about scapbooking? Have you tried it?

Thanks again to Filstar Distribution Corp, Ms. Carmel and Jeman of OrangeMagazineTV!

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